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    It seemed Giyu would soon be encountering a curiosity of epic proportions. Moans and the like were simple signs of approval which fueled further advances, but he was fated to discover something else. As his hands continued traveling up the flesh of Tamamo's thighs, they eventually found their place upon her hips beneath that kimono. Strangely, he had yet to feel anything but skin against his palm. That wasn't right; he should have at least felt the additional fabric of undergarments against his fingertips, if nothing else. Had Tamamo discarded hers in preparation for this meeting? There was no display of magic that he was privy to, so maybe she did away with them on her way to their room. Alternatively... maybe she never had them in the first place. Either way, there was an amount of access that could not be ignored, and he had no intentions of ignoring it either. His lips continued applying themselves to her flesh while he moved down, a curved line of slightly dampened pecks being applied to the Kitsune's mostly-exposed bosom while his hands returned to her thighs. He would have her legs spread by his own hands, one of which would then forge a path toward her nether. A simple bout of nub-rubbing would occur, but that was far from his intended focus for the time being.

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    The point of curiosity which was reached by Giyu was one which Tamamo herself barely registered. It was true that she wasn't wearing undergarments, but she hadn't simply done away with them as one might think. The truth of the matter was, the creation of this particular Avatar came without that particular piece of fabric. And she considered it was because this world had no idea what kind of undergarments to give a girl with as many tails as Kitsune possessed. The truth of the matter was, the development of a being such as Tamamo came with the attached soul of the person she'd been before and that person made such a decision for her. Even so, the feeling of Giyu's hands rubbing against her bare hips was enough to make the lass swoon. Each movement of his lips down her mostly exposed chest had her shifting, her clothing falling more and more open around her to accommodate his actions. Ah, but her mind raced. As he moved his intentions were still unclear, there were so many options and with each press of his lips her body was giving more anticipation and more reason to wander. There was nothing but delight to be found in this lass as he carried on. What was more her legs were soon spread apart by strong hands granting him access to her exposed nether. What would he do with this access? Well that much was obvious, he began to rub betwixt her legs at her most sensitive point. For a young woman whose mind traveled to perversion always, the idea of someone else stimulating her so being made in to a reality was euphoric. Each movement of his hand would send tingles up the lass' spine causing her tails and ears to twitch with satisfaction. Her eyes closed briefly and she exhaled a gasp, as she bit down on her bottom lip exposing one of her fangs. How as she supposed to deny such pleasure? The answer was... she wouldn't, no because of all the things she knew about the lad before her. She knew there was more to come.

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    Tamamo would not be wondering for very long at all. There was a bit of leeway, though. As more of her torso became exposed by fault of her kimono falling bit by bit, Giyu found more flesh to offer his lips' attention to. Eventually, he even found her nipple and gave it a flick of the tongue, a pull from the lips, and a slight nip of the teeth. Ah, but he was digressing. The movements of his finger were continued as he furthered his downward movement, stopping only when his head found its place betwixt her thighs. He could offer nothing equivalent to what Tamamo herself had done in that temple, but he could go a single step beyond. Giyu's hand dropped just slightly, freeing enough space for his tongue to reach that nub in his place. Having consumed as much pornographic material as he had, he was certain that warm, damp muscle could offer superior sensation, and that was his goal. His tongue moved timidly at first, merely applying lapping motions until he became adjusted to a flavor unlike any other. Once that brief adjustment period was over, though, the tongue of Giyu never removed itself, and took a pattern of continuous, circular rubbing. This was far stranger than he imagined it would be during the first experience, yet he hadn't a single issue with it. In fact, he could probably call it something he enjoyed already.

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    Shock! There was nothing but absolute surprise in Tamamo's form as her nipple was flicked by the tongue of the Oni before her. Imagine, how much greater that became when the lad's mouth closed around it. It was nice, warm, strangely, caused extra tingles throughout her body. It wasn't surprising that the girl that she enjoyed such stimulation. After all, she was known to fondle her own bosom while exploring herself. Having this lad's mouth upon her only seemed to increase potential pleasure, which when combined with the movements of his hand were enough to keep her head tilted backward. Oh, but he wouldn't stay there too long. A noise which might have counted as protest escaped from the pink haired lass as his mouth released her, but that wouldn't last long...

    'WHAT?!' she thought she couldn't be surprised by any further thing, but after Giyu made his lips move down her body, and moved his fingers down just a tad before his face took up residence between her thighs. She opened her eyes in this moment and looked down to find the lad buried between her thighs and felt the first of his tentative licks at her core. "Wa...aaah!~" she might have properly protested or maybe that wasn't it at all. Instead the sensation only furthered itself as he became more comfortable. But how did this feel to the lass, she'd ingested many forms of media that showed this sort of thing, but never did she realize the different between the sensation of fingers and that of the warmth and moisture provided by another's tongue. Ah, but it wasn't just that either, she found the gentle swirling of that muscle to be quite a bit of an improvement, and she'd not had any complaints to start with. Her thighs clinched slightly as her entire face flushed intensely, she could already feel that pressure building below her waist. She didn't want to surrender to such pleasure, but she couldn't well fight against it either. Her right hand would soon be found on the head of the Oni buried in his hair, while her left held the counter top for dear life. If she had thoughts of escape, she had no where to run, not that she did... she was having far too much fun.

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    Strange and stranger yet was the feeling Giyu had within as his tongue swirled about. Oddly, he found himself lightheaded as he progressed, though not in any unacceptable way. Perhaps some of the fault was in the fact that his mind was already blanking, as if his instincts were activated and forcing his hand in a way. He would soon enough advance his efforts as well, making use of the hand previously abandoned. His forefinger was good enough to make its way further down the Kitsune's crevice, until it located an opening that it slipped its way into gradually. Yes, that would do nicely while his tongue glided up and down the very same path taken by his finger, ending just above said finger before making its way back to its starting point. All the while, his finger was thrusting lightly in a way that forced its insertion bit by bit with every forward movement. Curious eyes rose from his current task. It seemed as if, in spite of his distant visage, he had a desire to view the fruits of his labor. The hand upon his head was a start, but that wasn't quite enough.

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    Tamamo was at this lad's mercy and her situation would only get worse. Or perhaps better... better was definitely the way to describe it. Her entire body broke out in goose flesh as Giyu's tongue and fingers changed tactics to rather suddenly begin something new. Her voice would hitch for just a moment and her fingers would tighten both on her hold on the counter and within the masses of Giyu's hair. "Aaaaah!~" she moaned trying to get her breathing under control but that was becoming less and less possible. Her entire body was so sensitive to the touch that every movement Giyu made in addition to his original ones seemed to work towards her undoing. "I'm so close..." she moaned, she couldn't quite get the sentence out. She tried to concentrate but to no avail. Her head tilted down and those golden eyes of hers opened and she looked down her own body to find. . .

    Blue. The remarkable still blue eyes of Giyu staring up at her, watching her as he pleased her. This image was strangely satisfying, especially when combined with the feelings being presented her body. In that moment, her mouth opened as if she wished to speak and finish that sentence, but... her body tensed further only to relax immediately. Her first flourish came to her in the instant she made eye contact and it felt as if a floodgate had opened. It was such an overwhelming wave of feeling she wanted to escape to shift her hips backward but she had no place to go, atop this counter.

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    The signs Giyu searched for came in a much greater form than some simple visible reaction. No; he gained something audible as well, in the form of the Kitsune announcing the encroaching flourish. Good. Having that information, he could know he was on the right track. He could also know he should be prepared, if nothing else. He progressed just as intended, taking the Kitsune's outcry as motivation to steady his every effort, keeping up an unchanging pace until that proverbial wave washed over Tamamo... and somewhat over Giyu as a result. His tongue and finger were moistened further as they moved about within and against Tamamo's nether, and all that managed for the most part was to make his movements simpler to manage. Actually, that wasn't all. There was an influx of that unusual taste upon the buds of his tongue. Going into this act with no idea what he was really doing was a thought of the past. Suddenly, the lad understood why desires of this sort could be referred to as carnal. His finger slipped out, and his tongue took its place. Lips pressed against one another yet again, albeit not in the conventional sense at all. That flavor he was graced with... he sought more of it without even giving it proper thought, so in went his tongue to the very source. Interestingly enough, he hadn't even given any consideration to stopping.

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    Tamamo rode the wave, so to speak, of her flourish. The perfection of this lad's movements as he kept up exactly what she needed to experience the most pleasurable wave of her life was unexpected. Even so, it was a great moment for them to share. If she had been worried at all about their compatibility she wasn't any more, but there was something beyond this. The lad's finger was removed from her person but she wasn't allowed a proper reprieve. His face shifted and soon enough the warmth and thickness of his tongue was moving around within her person. That was such a surprising sensation! It was like he'd decided to tongue kiss the deepest reaches of her person. The act was so intimate, so visceral, so... primal. There was nothing else she could have used to describe it. Her mouth opened to speak as waves of pleasure erupted from her person, each bringing a gentle twitch to her nether. "Aaaah~ What are you doing to me?" she asked completely in rhetoric. She might have tried to demand a break to scoot back from this attention but she couldn't have done it, and beyond that, she was enjoying it too much to try and have him stop. What could she do, but run her fingers through his hair and continue to ride his tongue to the peak of pleasure he so freely offered.

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    What was he doing? Such was a question to which only Tamamo herself had the answer. Giyu, in fact, had little to no clue what he was actually doing. He'd merely been going with the flow all this time, but something was clearly being accomplished as a result. His tongue continued moving as if thrusting into the young woman's core. His hands were not quite idle, yet not necessarily busy either. With his face buried the way it was, he had taken to reaching underneath Tamamo's legs to take hold of her hips from a different angle. His grip was a firm one, fingers spread and reaching the flesh of Tamamo's rear. Fingers dug in just a bit, if only as a result of the more ravenous approach that built up over time. The entire lower half of his face was slicked soon enough, and all it was, was fuel to the proverbial fire of his methods. Tamamo wasn't stopping him, and he certainly wasn't about to try stopping himself.

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    There was a certain knowledge of this situation which was possessed by the Kitsune who was currently being devoured. It was the knowledge that her pleasure was being controlled by another and there was nothing she'd rather have happening at present. She'd soon enough find that the movements of the lad's tongue worked similar to a thrusting with an appendage which was warm and wet of its own accord. There was a softness to this which made, the lass squirm, though not in a way which implied her distaste. Of course, she wasn't allowed too much freedom in this, and found that her hips were being angled and held in a way more different. The angle of her body was being tilted granting the lad more access to her nether but also making it so she could feel his tongue deeper within. What did this do for the sensation? It increased it by a great margin causing even more to leak from her core. With every thrust of his tongue she felt another building wave, something promising had her core twitching ever so slightly with each movement. But never one to let praise go unheard, she'd let this lad know of the incoming. "Mmm~ It's too good! Don't stop!~" she stated, as the softness of her thighs surrounded the lad's head and her legs clamped together. If he continued in this way, the wave of her next flourish would was over him leaving the muscles in her legs to twitch against his face as she moaned her content, unable to relax as she rode his tongue.

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