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Thread: The Grandcypher

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    In the midst of his efforts, there was another call-out, as well as an encasement of Giyu's head by the pink-haired lass' thighs. He was not at all deterred by this grip, but instead urged to do more. His grip tightened further as a result, and his neck strained to push his head as far forward as he could manage. One would imagine he'd nearly suffocate himself if he had to, and in fact... that thought came to mind. The Oni figured he may as well make use of that. His nose was in a very interesting place by virtue of his face being so close to Tamamo's womanhood. As such, he decided to make use of it. While he continued thrusting his tongue into her nether, he also began to turn his head to and fro, causing his nose to brush against that nub of sensitivity placed just against its tip. He was once again finding his efforts far easier by the moment, but when paired with what he'd so recently heard and felt, he figured it could only mean one thing. . .

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    Tamamo might have been surprised, but it seemed the lad she was with was content to take her directions. He continued to move his tongue within her nether, even managing to hold tight past the clinching of her thighs. It was a bit much even by her own standards, and much like her general understanding of the person behind the Avatar, he went above and beyond her expectations. The movements of his tongue were soon accompanied by the movement of his nose against her swollen bud. It'd gone a bit untouched for the past few moments, allowing her time to recover a bit and experience just the movements of tongue. But the additional brushing against that part of her, added to the sensation, adding a pulsing jolt to her loins. If she thought she was on the edge of something glorious, she was definitely pushed over the edge by the dual stimulation being offering to her. Her nipples were hard, her breathing labored her eyes rolled back and her head did as well. That tightness of her legs, increased to its maximum. She rocked her hips against his extra movements spurred on by that feeling and road the wave of her flourish to a blinding finishing. "AAAAH! FUCK! YEEEES!~" she squealed as her entire body was taken over by a tingling sensation and suddenly her entire body seemed to gradually lose what was left of its tension.

    As this occurred her thighs released the lad's head and she released the top of his head. Her chest rising and falling in constant beat as she tried to catching her breath. Her entire body currently a ball of sensation as her body leaked extra and pulsed within several times.

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    There would soon be a bit of a struggle encroaching upon Giyu as he continued his efforts. Tamamo's legs had his head caught in something of a vice-grip, but he persevered against it... or rather, as a result of it. Finally, the second flourish was upon him─ literally. Briefly, he felt akin to an animal crouching to drink from a heated spring, though it was a strange texture of water he was to consume. He could easily say he'd never done anything more odd than take a natural form of lubrication unto his tongue and into his mouth, though he couldn't say he hated it. Somehow, that nearly-crushing sensation of legs around his head was a thing to view in a positive light as well. Soon enough, when that tension reached its peak, it suddenly dissipated all at once. He was freed of those thighs' grip, and Tamamo seemed to have achieved some fair amount of satisfaction. And thus, breakfast had been served. Giyu backed away slowly, soaked from nose to chin and looking no more moved than he did before this all began... except for the eyes. Those dead eyes of his held something within, as if a mission had been accomplished over the past few moments. In truth, this was the case. He could go forward believing he managed to repay the favor offered to Kou, and even offered appreciation of his own in wake of said repayment.

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    The idea of the lad between her legs remaining there and drinking from her 'spring' so to speak was tantalizing for someone like Tamamo. In fact, she couldn't quite explain why she found the entire thing so appealing but the visual alone made it worthwhile. Of course, this hadn't been her intention for breakfast but she had offered to feed the lad before her and upon his standing his face looked impassive, minus the sheen covering him from nose to chin and a certain light in those normally dead blue eyes. What was that? She stared at him curiously not able to move for a few seconds long and landing on ever so slightly shaky legs. Only to see it clearly in the moment she caught herself. 'Sou ka, he's victorious.' Her thoughts concluded whatever plan the lad had behind his lacking expression and eyes, he was at least feeling accomplished and if the lack of feelings in her legs said anything she could only agree. Still, her first statement after recovery would be a bit teasing in nature as she looked into his eyes. "Ara ara, you'll spoil a girl treating her like that, Mikon!~" she mused leaning into him to lick his lips. A curiosity she maintained, but was soon satisfied. What an interesting flavor, actually... she moved forward, her intention to close the space between them to kiss him here and now while tasting herself on his mouth properly. Her plan was to bring their lips together and kiss him deeply, while a portal opened up and she pulled into her hand, a simple warm wet washcloth with the intention of cleaning his face. Beyond that whatever other thoughts she had of continuing or furthering anything were cut short by a knock at the door.

    "Oi oi, I know the eggs are all good but we're done eating. Let's get this Conquering Youkai Land Meeting done!" these were the words of Shuten-Doji, who was also the younger sister of one Aiba Yugi. If she'd known the what she'd actually interrupted, she probably would have died an ironic death. Luckily enough the room itself was so she hadn't heard a thing after reaching the door. She'd only gone looking for them, after giving a full rundown of their 'strained' relationship to Rimuru and eating her own breakfast. Still she knew there were things that needed doing and she planned to help them in any way she could.

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    What to do now? Would they progress, take another leap to another stage in this budding relationship? The chance seemed very real when Tamamo took him by surprise, choosing to lick his lip after it had been so clearly stained by her own excrement. What's more, she then kissed him with a quantity of depth that showed how little she cared about said staining. He could hardly do anything besides return the kiss with matching depth while absorbing the clause she offered just before. What would his retort be? He had a bit of time to consider things while their lips pressed together. In the moment of parting, he had but one thing to say. "That's the point," he mused while the distance between their bodies lessened again, Giyu taking a single step forward until their torsos pressed together. Ah, but something was wrong. He seemed to have ignored his higher senses for a moment, and in that time, an interruption came in the form of... his darling little sister. His moment seemed to have finally come. No longer would the one known as Aiba Yugi know the dreaded pain of virginity, if Giyu had anything to say about it. Alas, the hangup this time was not his own, unlike a previous event involving Akashi. Now, the fault could be thrown at the meddlesome brat he called a sibling. She certainly had her ways. "... Of course," he said, nearly swearing as those words escaped him just over a whisper.

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    Everything was going so perfectly. Giyu may have been surprised by her actions, but once again he proved himself open to the advances Tamamo placed before him. The pink haired fox finished with the washcloth she'd used for the rest of his face after their deep kiss and smirked when their lips parted. There was a claim by the lad, that spoiling her had been the point. In that moment a devious light entered her eyes, "Hoh? I honestly like that coming from you," she said as she enjoyed the feeling of her exposed chest rubbing against him as he made a literal step towards progress. This wasn't a lie either, Ashikaga Kimiko didn't truly let anyone spoil her, nor did she ever consider one might do it with nothing to gain from it directly. The lad before her proved her insecurities wrong and made her feel stronger in her own decisions and that was empowering. With that in mind she could do nothing but continue on the path she walked dangerous flirtation and all. "You know, Mikon... I was just thinking I like the idea of second breakfast~" she said as she allowed her open kimono to fall. "Or maybe even an all day buffet~" she said in a manner as flirtatious and open as she always did.

    Today, seemed like it would be the day where the lass known as Ashikaga Kimiko would give herself up to pleasure. The day she would surrender her virginity to someone she considered her equal in every way. An equivalent exchange to be made in their blossoming relationship, which would only further cement it in her own mind. This seemed like the perfect time and dynamic to make such a thing happen but... tapping? No. Knocking, at the door, accompanied by the speech of the newly created Shuten-doji. Oh right, they had something to do. Still, she couldn't help the pout which escaped her as she looked towards the door. The words of Giyu in response to this interruption were quite pointed indeed. It went without saying the amount of irony that was involved with this entire world seeming to want to match-make for this pair of individuals only to throw responsibility in their faces whenever they actually acted upon it. "Hai hai, we're on our way," answered Tamamo as she opened a portal and pulled from it a single pair of thong underwear. The mess of her loins having been removed the moment she knew there would be no immediate need for lubrication. Ah, but that strange tingle still remained even as she slipped that lacy string between her cheeks. They were perfectly fitted to her hips enough that her tails were allowed to keep moving freely while providing her actual coverage which she'd been missing before. She redressed before Giyu's eyes with that hint of deviousness still present within them... she could hold onto this extra desire until later. In the meantime, Shuten giggled outside the door. She might have thought it strange that it wasn't immediately opened, but she entertained the idea that the pair of them were having a nerd moment, probably talking over one of those hentai series they liked so much. Yes, this is the only idea that Shuten entertained of the pair, as it was all she'd seen of their behavior. "Fufu, well, hurry it up. We're in the library... and we need a game plan oh fearless leaders!~" she said in a tone which was both honest and mocking and caused Tamamo to click her tongue. 'Yep, definitely dangerous.'

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    A positive thing, was it? Good. Progression was an undeniable fact at this point, especially given Tamamo's reaction to his advance. Speaking of an all-day buffet could easily mean one thing that was already perverted in nature, but he just as easily took it as something far greater. Indeed, this was to be a moment in which the pair didn't require words to communicate. After all this time, it was always going to come to this. That is, until Shuten announced herself. Ignoring the female Oni was an impossibility; they did in fact have much to accomplish while here. As it seemed, he and Tamamo were on the same page in that regard as well. Perhaps next time. Those deep blue orbs scanned the dressing Kitsune as Giyu slipped fully back into his own kimono, taking the go-ahead when his otherwise lingering gaze found its should-be purpose. He became the first to exit the Captains' quarters, though the slightest scent of womanhood remained on his face even after it had been cleared. When he passed through the door, he faced forward... but his eyes remained trained on Shuten in passing, nearly glaring if not for his resting expression. One day, this would come up again. One day, one of his incarnations would exact vengeance for the vile act unknowingly committed by his sister this day. Alas, today would not be that day.

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    Tamamo felt Giyu's eyes on her while she dressed, and she even glanced at him in the mirror, finding that sight to be one of severe temptation. Yes, they both appeared to know they should be leaving, even so... they'd come so close to crossing the line of something more. It could be saved for later, and savored more, but that still didn't stop the moment from being more than mildly annoying. Whatever the case, Giyu finished dressing first and walked out passing his younger sister in the hallway as she waited in case anyone needed help reaching the destination. Imagine her surprise when he rushed past, and what was more she found his emotionless face surprisingly strange in the moment, though she couldn't place why. What she did know, and fully acknowledge was a chill which was sent up her spine by the cutting look she received. She nearly jumped out of her skin as an air of foreboding settled around her. She wasn't quite sure how, or why such a thing was happening, but she felt the sting of displeasure even after the lad was far ahead of her.

    'What the hell was that? Why do I feel like someone's threatening me?' she wondered, her abnormal skills letting her feel the room without really understanding the cause of the emotional response. Soon after this, while the little Oni caught her breath, Tamamo emerged fully dressed and seemingly no worse for wear. Even so, there was a light of deviousness and displeasure, though her skin was absolutely radiant in the moment and her overall form relaxed. She was just barely floating off the ground in her ridiculously high wedges appearing to take steps even at present. "Nee-san, I just realized I don't know what you're calling yourself now..." she said shaking off her discomfort. "Tamamo-no-Mae is who I am now, Tamamo is fine..." she said calmly she took up steps beside the lass noting the glow of her skin and the light of her eyes. "Hai hai, Tama-nee!~" she said while thinking of other things. 'I wonder if nerd time is really that good for people?' she questioned as they all made their way to the library on the ship. In the middle of the room there was a large round table and seated in one of the chairs was Kuroka. "Yahello!~ I have found our Captains, now we conquer what the hell is this place even called?"

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    Disgusting. That girl had some nerve to be the cause of interruption after how much she meddled to try putting him in such situations. Whatever the case, there was business to be dealt with. Giyu moved without halt until he reached the library, taking a seat among the gathered group. Every male present on the ship, bar Kaiba, was already seated in this very room. The group's overall lack of Youkai identities could be considered a negative to the situation at hand, but not too much of one. Shuten was the first to offer a question, though not on of incredible relevance to the overall plan. As he sat, Giyu crossed his arms and closed his eyes, responding to the girl's ignorance in the snarkiest way this form could manage. "You were here when this country was named. Ask yourself," he said, knowing the three newborn Youkai should have each had a certain amount of knowledge from their sources, should they simply tap into them. With that said, he quickly moved on to one matter of great importance. "There's nothing most of us can do here. Only Youkai can safely travel the area. As of now, we have six."

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    All of Shuten's powers were a bit too new to the lass for her to have a solid understanding of her functionality yet. As such being able to tell her brother's intentions were off the table for her for the time being. Regardless the meeting she called to order would be there and taking place. At the table now were all of the guys including Jaskier, Tamamo and Kuroka. She had expected the lack of showing by Kaiba and Bulma as those two were less about the potential for adventure in the first place. Kuroka also seemed disinterested in the workings of the world, but would remain because of the Slime she accompanied. Other than the offset girl to guy ratio for the group, everything was seemingly good to go. Still the snarky reply from her brother made her brows draw together. 'Ugh, I mean he normally tells me to think for myself, but this is ridiculous even for him...' her thoughts passed her mind as she tried to tap into the base personality for the Avatar she made. Not wanting it to override her own. "Ryozanpaku..." she said the name as if it was something she'd simply always known. Tamamo for her part approached the table and sat within the lap of Giyu himself. Much like her earlier choosing with Akashi she seemed to do with without any thought of how it would be perceived knowing that it would be the place she was most comfortable.

    Delighted and devious light appeared in the eyes of the young female Oni as she saw this. 'All according to plan though...' If only she knew how much further their plan could be. Still the name she spoke made a certain amount of thought appear within the mind of the kitsune, she soon began working on something while looking into that large mirror of hers which came out of her sleeve and floated above the table. It reflected and projected a layout of the current area by the lass' own former memories. Highlighting different areas in each of the cardinal directions and having a strangely grey area in the middle connecting them all. Knowing the lay of the land was one of the few things which would be helpful and upon seeing this layout she began searching the memories of this Avatar for more information silently. "There are only six who can be of direct use? I only count five here..." these were the words of Jaskier who counted among them currently, the Kitsune who shared the same face as Miki, Shuten how was quite obviously Hikari, and Giyu who seemed by Tamamo's choice of seat to be Kou. Beyond those three there was only the Tengu and the Slime which totaled five. "Is that a war map? Tama-nee did you make a war map?" she asked of the Kitsune. "Well, to be more fair it is a reflection of the land around us as the Mirror and the base of this Avatar understand it. More like a game board than a war map. It reminds me of Shogi... well not the traditional one, Dai Shogi but a 4 player map,"

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