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Thread: The Grandcypher

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    In addition to being stunned for numerous reasons all at once, he experienced a certain fear of being caught with an exposed erection beneath the covers. Perhaps she would think nothing of it. Perhaps that tepee just under his waist could simply be seen as a remnant of their earlier interaction. He could at least hope for such results. Luckily for Kou, the lass spoke her piece and moved on to doing other things. It was oddly convenient that she chose to sit facing away from him in the meantime, but he couldn't complain for obvious reasons.

    With her positioned in such a way, could he finish? No; that would be ridiculous. He'd kept himself from doing so twice in the last hour or so; his end would be rather explosive as a result. Being incapable of trusting himself to keep silent, he decided to take the painful approach 'Fuck! Blue-balled by my own dumb shit,' he thought. Either way, he had to conceal himself to the best of his ability. His manhood was tucked back into his undergarments, and the extra pair of boxers he intended to use as a cloth were tucked under the mattress while Miki looked away. There was hardly a thing to be done about his erect state, but that alone was nothing too odd at this point. "Yeah, I think I know what you mean. I'd go for one too, but... not much need. I haven't gotten dirty since I last bathed, and... Celestial heritage has hella perks."

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    While Kou busied himself behind her, Miki distracted her mind with the puzzle in her hand, with her leg bouncing away. A couple of gentle taps against the floor were made, before her left foot raised up to the toes. The bouncing continued but with no active sound. Now, it would likely only seem to be a matter of concentration and nothing more. 'Ah, I wonder if he got to finish... it's kinda bad if he didn't...' she thought to herself. He'd stopped them the first time, she'd accidentally stopped him this time, rationally, it would be much worse for him than it would have been the initial two times. Perhaps, she'd think of a way to broach it, or find out if he hadn't. Still the lad was content to say a few more words after some general shuffling about behind her. She didn't witness it directly, so she was only able to piece together potential movements with her mind, and this was bad for her imagination.

    So, she conversed with him while moving those two stars around the ring on the necklace, gently as she could. "I heard Celestial was a good starting class for general purposes... I picked Druid for similar reasons," she said knowing well that she didn't need to bathe even half as often as she did. "But baths aren't just about clean bodies. Clearing my mind and habit tend to lead me there more often than not," she said having strangely vague phrasing, though it wasn't initially her intention to do so.

    She tended to take baths for the moments of privacy they gave her. In the case of today, she did so to get a few moments to clear her mind and the tension of her body with the release her body demanded from their earlier interaction. Still, there were things for her to do now to amuse herself, mostly figuring out the last piece of the present she'd been given. She turned the puzzle once more moving the two star pieces separately she had to be missing something. It truly wouldn't come apart this way.

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    This was bad. So close to completion again, he was left throbbing as he rejected his own release. Perhaps he'd have a better opportunity at a later time. Whenever that time came, it was sure to be something incredible and... probably quite messy as well. No matter; he only had to deal with the buildup receding into his body for now. While doing so, he kept up the conversation as best he could. "I hear the same about Druids. There's an NPC mention in game where some drunken tavern guy says Celestials sweat spring water, and Druids piss nectar. It was a weird Easter Egg," he commented. Miki's mention of baths and their usefulness gave him an idea, but he was far too invested in his suffering now. Wait... but did her utterance mean she went to the bathroom with a purpose other than bathing? That sound he thought he heard; had he indeed heard it in reality? Feeling better, not wanting to leave, having a clarity of mind that wasn't present beforehand... these were signs. That couldn't have been the case though, right? "Habit... clear mind... yeah, that sounds about right..."

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    While Miki worked at taking apart a puzzle, Kou was working at putting one together. It seemed he'd been listening to what she said a bit more than she would initially realize. He was very spot on with his deductions as always, she'd indeed gone to the bathroom with a purpose other than taking a bath, and only really took one and washed her hair to cover her tracks. That was a normal amount of deception for her, not for the sake of being sneaky, but because she was used to avoiding questions in such a way. Still, her fingers were on the move as she stared at the defining features of this puzzle. The ring entwined within the star shapes was smooth on all sides, but the stars themselves had multiple oblong cut outs which seemed to line up just wrong. There were also raised grooves on both sides, which lined up, just enough to slip the ring through, but not enough to slip it out. As she looked at both sides of it, turning it over in her hands, she noticed a longer open groove on one of the sizes, it was where she was aiming, through this one alone she could slip it out. Her mind began working properly, and she began speaking to Kou as if on auto-pilot as her brain worked through several twists and turns.

    "Hm, spring water and nectar... well, Druids can make nectar, but not like that..." she mentioned with a chuckle. She'd honestly had a taste of herself a few moments prior to this one, and could account for a certain sweetness but she doubted that this applied to all of her bodily fluids at all. She began watching more carefully as she turned the puzzle the ring slipping through several grooves, as she twisted both stars to make it work out the way she wished. This was much more favorable, and took a lot less work than her bout against the Treasure Trove. Ah, but she noted that the lad, responded to what she'd said as if considering her words properly. This happened with him, more often than any others, he seemed to not only hear her words, but actually understand them. "Yare yare, when you say it like that... I feel like I said too much," she said mostly to herself. Absently admitting that she hadn't been up to completely innocent activities while having her bath earlier. Still, there were more exciting things at work for her than previously, as she worked that singular ring towards that open groove. Her leg still bouncing up and down. "YOSH! I got it!!" she said as she slipped the ring out from between the grooves and cause the transformation of the object in her hand.

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    "So then... do you sweat nectar? I don't know if that's awesome, or gross, if so." He spoke jokingly, mostly so he could distract himself and reduce his... swelling problem, if at all possible. Shamefully, he'd gotten so riled up that Miki's voice was doing him in. Alas, there remained a chance for recovery. So long as he could keep himself as distracted as possible, he could prosper.

    Speaking of distractions, there was a major one coming. First though, came Miki's admittance of speaking too much in her previous clause. "A bit, yeah. Well, I sorta─" He was incapable of finishing the thought, as Miki suddenly solved the helix puzzle he'd included in her gift in Atlantis. Now that she had it with the ability to access its true state, she could make full use of everything he'd given her. Of course, there were far too many features to list in a single sitting, but... he imagined she'd enjoy discovering quite a few over time. "Sugoi! That's what you've been doing over there this whole time? It's good you made it work for you~"

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    "Hm, if it's sweat, that would explain the Druids that are always surrounded by butterflies and humming birds," she said as a joke. She knew she could make Nectar simply by infusing her essence with a flower she grew. Such a thing was basically how she managed to acquire both versions of the Sacred Tree's sap in the Fairy Forest. It is also how someone like Virqen shared his advanced nature magic with her as a permanent skills buff. Still there was the matter of whatever the lad had to say in response to her randomly uttered words, but now wouldn't be the the time that thought came to completion. Because she'd completed the puzzle he gave her, and as such there was new excitement to be discussed between them.

    She'd finished this puzzle and had it become something like a necklace with a double set of squares holding it together in a more banded formation. She couldn't really wear it as a necklace, but its size was right for something else. She fitted it over her left thigh as a garter and felt it was much more comfortable there, than it would have been stifled under the Bones of Rathma she normally wore around her neck. Kou's reaction made her smile. "Hai... I figured I was in a good head space so it'd be easier to take on. It was nice, I'd never done a puzzle like that, completing a new one is pretty exciting," she said seemingly energized. She remembered being just as excited about something else and got excited all over again. "Shit! I forgot! I did a really crazy one in the Migrating Vale. Mite, mite!!" she said now exceedingly excited to share her previous experience. She opened the palm of her hand after pulling something out of the pocket of her cloak across the room. It was a moderately sized red crystal cut into a diamond, which she'd received after communing with the nature spirits and used as a catalyst to write her Rune Stone. "Basically, I had to write a Rune Stone among my tasks in the Migrating Vale, but the puzzle it gave me to do it was this!!" she said, forcing her magic into the item and showing the holograpic style readout of the Sudoku Super Giant, with Druidic Runes instead of numbers. The 25 by 25 masterpiece that it was, she knew he would have enjoyed such a thing. So she'd taken it upon herself to clear it out back to its base to be solved form, in case the lad found himself wanting to do it. "I already did it, so I don't need it, but I figured you might want to see it. Besides that the stone has magical properties, so you could probably use it!" she said offering it to the lad. She had everything she needed from it and wanted him to share in her happiness. This was all.

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    "That... makes too much sense to not be true," Kou surmised. Whether seriously or not, he would at least carry on acting like he believed Druids sweated nectar of some sort. As laughable as that was, he immediately became far more invested in what Miki seemed so suddenly excited about. She spoke of puzzles, and one in particular that she completed in her return trip to the Druid homeland. After pulling an object from her cloak's pocket, she even revealed the ability to showcase the very puzzle being discussed. What she showed was a complex form of puzzle Kou often solved, at least when they were made properly, though this one had a unique twist in the characters it made use of. He gazed upon the Sudoku, his eyes widening in excitement when he realized he could solve it. "You're serious? Sugoi! I..."

    He thought of getting out of bed to give the puzzle a try, but he couldn't do so just yet. There was still something keeping the lad from even sitting up straight without exposing himself fully. One wrong move, and the hole in his boxers would be penetrated with ease. "... I'll give it a go later, yeah? I'm pretty comfortable here, so I should probably just chill until I fall asleep."

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    Kou made a claim which made her believe he might actually think Druids sweated nectar. That being said, she couldn't currently disprove it, so she simply laughed it off as another quirky thing the lad did. Soon enough though, her excitement and sharing was rewarded exactly the way she wished. The lad seemed to be really excited about the Sudoku Giant, even without knowing the meanings of all the symbols involved. A grin came to the lass' face in this moment because she realized she truly enjoyed this particular face of his. But sadly, she wouldn't get to see it come to fruition right just now. He was excited but claimed he was prepared to wind down for sleep. She peeked over the chair at him, just a tad and came to a strange conclusion within her own mind. 'I'm going take that as a no on him finishing then...' she mused. Only to have a smile spread across her face. "Hai hai! I'll leave it on the table, you wake up before me a lot... So, it's all yours whenever!~" she chimed, seeming to have no problem. If he was content to sleep a bit, she supposed she could do the same.

    "Hm, sleep is a pretty good idea though..." she mused, before getting up from the chair in what was very sexy lingerie now accented by a single golden ring around her left thigh. She took the time to get the lights before climbing into bed. Doing so of course, required her to cross over his body. This had her mumble a single apology. "Hai hai, I'm just going to slip by you then.." she said as her body extended over his. She missed hitting his body at all as she moved, and avoided making direct eye contact for her own sanity before she collapsed into the space nearest the wall. "Sugoi... what a great bed!~" she murmured as she began the process of slipping in under the covers. She'd leave herself perfectly between the middle space of the bed and the wall she'd claimed as her own.

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    "Hai. Sankusu," he said in acceptance of the puzzle being left for his later use. Immediately afterwards, Miki agreed to the idea of sleeping for the night. To do so, she chose to climb in over him. He, too, avoided any amount of eye contact. Ah, but that didn't keep his eyes from moving. It seemed he would be stuck with this firmness for quite some time. What he saw during this movement was everything below Miki's eyes instead. That she thought it was a grand idea to don that lingerie, was absolutely... wonderfully horrible. A simple brush against his tip would have been a horrendous outcome, yet it was also something of a wild dream in the moment of possibility.

    He froze completely, and was not touched at all. Good... yet bad. The more he thought about it, the more he was attached to the idea of an 'accidental sexy scenario' the likes of which he'd seen and read numerous times. As much as the lad knew he didn't quite want this while unprepared, it was still a satisfying pipe dream. By the time Miki reached her side and spoke, he was essentially sweating bullets yet again. "Eheh... yeah, it's a good one. I've never flopped on one even nearly as good as this."

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    In response to the thanks Miki, just shrugged it off. "Iia," she said softly. She would have given it to him anyways, she knew he liked puzzles and couldn't express it properly all the time. Being able to offer him something like that was rather pleasing to her. And she managed to look sheepishly pleased about it. And then she moved on, Miki stretched beneath the covers, she knew that not making eye contact was probably for the best. And though she didn't fell any particular shyness about her choice in clothing, she also knew that it probably presented two different sets of feelings for the lad, especially if her idea about the lad's lack of release rang true. His words about the bed caused her brow to raise slightly, she was pretty sure this bed fell a bit short of her previous one, but... it did have a certain perk. "Um-hm, comfy beds are a lifestyle, Oyasumi..." she mumbled as she closed her eyes. Even so, as she lie in bed, she couldn't help but have her thoughts wander towards some accidental scenarios. Actually, she could make that happen, accidentally on purpose pretty easily right? The whole purpose of this bedding situation, was to have Kou's body as a wall between her and the edge of the bed. She couldn't really take advantage of such a thing though, could she? Well, it had been a thought in her mind when she decided her sleeping position, but... it was too early to take such advantages, right?

    Her mind raced with the possibilities, and she began fidgeting as she tried to sleep. Over time, her body would shift away from the middle of her side and closer towards the true middle. It was pretty hard to get comfortable, she wanted to be comfortable. She could only think of a couple of times she felt that way truly since coming to this world. Little did she know, that she was about to meet the source of her ultimate comfort. Eventually, over the course of several uninterrupted moments, her body would make contact with Kou's and she'd further nestle into him. Her back towards him, the bend of her body, unconsciously seeking his own. Still, the second her body made contact with exposed skin, her breathing became easier and her body relaxed. 'Oh, this is pretty nice regardless... I should just fall asleep like this,' passed her mind absently. Actually there was a character in her knowledge bank, who sought personal sleeping comfort in the same way...

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