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    That final utterance confirmed everything. The blonde lass was definitely awake, and definitely seeking her own pleasure while he did the same. Yet another roll of snake eyes was represented on those imaginary dice, it seemed. What now, though? Would it really be a problem if he outed himself after confirming this? He could make more progress, then let the two of them merely fall asleep afterwards as if nothing happened, right? If they really thought so similarly, and if they were really each wondering if the other was awake this entire time, then perhaps...

    The gamble was worthwhile. Aside from that, there was a certain lack of fairness in their earlier endeavor. If nothing else, he had to right that incomplete scenario. Nothing could be said about the speed at which he reached his end, if this was the situation. With all that in mind, Kou's decision was made. His hand squeezed her breast just a bit more firmly before moving again. It first traveled up, taking her bra by the strap and pulling said strap down the lass' upper arm. Ah, but that was before he decided to go for a slightly bolder approach. Kou's hand then glided its way down the girl's torso, until it accidentally interrupted Miki's own pleasure-seeking. Why did it do so, though? Well, it was his intention to slip his hands between her legs, but it seemed to have been blocked... by her own hand.

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    Miki had been pretty busy, and in being busy, she also came to the absolute conclusion that the lad behind her was awake. Well, it should be said, that even if she hadn't already figured he was, he was very firm about it. In the extra attention he gave her breast which made the lass inhale sharply. He was making some rather bold moves, moving his hand up her body to move her bra strap down a bit only to glide down her torso.


    Miki felt the building of tingles all the way down her body as he moved with such deliberate action. It was almost enough to get lost in, until the lad's hand bumped into her own. Was this where he was coming? Strange, she didn't really expect him to make such a decision on his own. Maybe him thinking her sleep initially had emboldened him? Maybe he simply had other ideas about how this interaction should function? Whatever the case, this part of her body, didn't know the touch of another's hand. She wouldn't let the lad waste his action and was above all, quite curious as to what he'd do. He knew she was awake right? She'd be giving nothing extra away if the giver of this flourish simply wasn't herself. 'Alright...' she thought. Her own hand reached up, to finish guiding his to its destination between her thighs, where it would find warmth and wetness from her previous activities. She'd already had this fantasy, seeing it through was worth the gamble. Besides, this moment was worth seeing through.

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    Kou wasn't entirely sure what to expect after reaching this blockade. If anything, though, the last thing he would have expected was what met the stopping of his hand. She could have gone on about her business; she could have even called him out on being awake. Instead, that hand of hers guided the intrusive digits of Kou's just where they needed to be. Kou's eyes went from being closed, to being wide open as his fingertips felt that warm, dampened pocket of flesh they rubbed between. Having enough of a reference point to know just what he was looking for, he didn't allow surprise to hinder him for very long. There was something within this crevice─ something bulbous and hidden betwixt mounds of flesh. Once his middle finger located it, its tip rubbed against that pearl-like bulb in a line, which eventually became a circular pattern. It was a surprising sensation to have first-hand. Now, all he had to do was avoid jumping the gun and making a decision he may come to regret later. As an individual of the male persuasion, he essentially had two brains... and one of them disagreed with this train of thought.

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    Miki experienced something wholly new by guiding the lad's hand where it apparently wanted to go. She imagined him being shocked by her behavior. Perhaps she would explain to him sometime about it, perhaps she wouldn't have to. He'd said earlier that he'd like her touching him, and she being reasonable liked the idea of the same thing. As such she'd managed to fantasize about this exact thing happening. It was strange, he moved his finger against her sex as if tentative at first, but slowly found his own rhythm which was nothing to shake a stick at. Once the circular motion began, there was no way for her to stop the moan which came from her mouth. She felt the sensation of it the whole way through her body, which was almost illogical considering she should have been quite used to it. "Oooooh~" she moaned. Such a thing couldn't be stopped at this point, and they were both aware they were awake, there was no point hiding.

    But there was the matter of her now unoccupied hands... this simply wouldn't do. She'd decided a bit prior to this, that she'd only truly sleep well if they both reached satisfaction. Well, there was someone in this pair who hadn't known this today. With this in mind, Miki's unoccupied crept around her own body to find his manhood. And once she had a gentle hold of it, she began to stroke it again, directly. The sensation of it in her bare hand was quite fleshy but still silky. She couldn't really explain it, but it was very different from what she would have expected. None the less her hand began to move up and down its length with a rhythm that matched their initial grinding. After all, mutual satisfaction could be achieved here, there was no reason to deny it.

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    Between the actions of both parties within this room, there seemed to be one surprise after another. Following his direct touch, Miki let loose the most obvious moan thus far. If there was any doubt in Kou's mind that she was awake, it was certainly gone in that very moment. What's more, there was the incredibly direct approach of the lass incoming. Kou's eyes widened again as a hand far softer, far daintier than his own, took a gentle hold of his shaft. Interesting; he never handled himself so delicately. Since his early teen years, this had been a matter of getting a grip, tugging, tugging, and being done with it, even in the most delicate approaches when compared to this. In fact, the intensity alone forced Kou into a situation of his breath catching in his throat before escaping via a gasp.

    Well, if one thing was obvious, neither of these teens had ever been sleeping. Kou also had no clue how to react while a foreign hand finagled his bare manhood. Their earlier encounter didn't prepare him for this at all, in actuality. 'This is... I can...' His mind raced; both of them did, in a manner of speaking. Whatever rational thought he had about remaining incognito left him soon enough, and was replaced instead with a need that became very obvious. The fingers of his right hand spread, as if to suggest a spread in the girl's legs while Kou propped himself up on his left elbow. His left hand took hold of Miki's head, and he leaned over said head to bring his lips toward hers. Once again, his eyes were closed. There was no need to let things become awkward; everything occurring between them had been made obvious enough already. At this point, their exchange was essentially just... a preferred release before bed.

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    Miki might have thought she was being a bit too direct, but... she was far beyond caring about it in the moment. No, there was a hand not her own rubbing between her legs at the moment, and that and the movement of her own hand were about the only things on her mind. They'd both been awake. Perhaps they were even, both enough alike to not be able to sleep without being exhausted or the need for release? Whatever the case, they seemed to be well on the way to achieving both of those goals. She wasn't sure what the lad expected from the handling of his manhood, but it seemed he wasn't against her current method if his hitched breathing was any indication. She'd continue the way she was her delicate grip sliding up and down his manhood, fingers slipping over the tip of him, only to have her hand move back down.

    But there was even more still. Kou's boldness seemed to not know boundaries anymore, as he opened the fingers on his hand. Miki felt this and spread her legs a bit wider, granting the lad easier access to the space between her legs. Though, she had no clue what he planned she had no problem granting him this. What came next was her head being tilted towards his and towards a connection between their lips. Miki's eyes managed to widen in absolute shock. Of all the things she could have expected, this directness in his approach wasn't in the list at all. She closed the rest of the distance between them allowing the contact between their mouths. This wasn't awkward in the least, in fact, it felt like the most natural progression she could have known.

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    Too direct was a concept far from the male's mind as the pair explored one another in ways not previously experienced. Kou, for one, was hardly hanging on from the moment of first contact. If anything, he did so only to extend his satisfaction as much as he possibly could. When Kou moved to bring their lips into contact again, he did so with great purpose. Again, he at least knew what his goal was in this endeavor; he simply needed a bit more space to work with. Now that he had it, during a bout of lip-smacking and the strokes being applied to his own groin, Kou let his hand slide down from that nub it rubbed against, making its way down the proverbial ravine until it found a deeper opening to slip its way into. He had an easy enough time managing this, considering how slick his finger became on its brief journey. Only the one finger pushed its way into that space, which he could immediately liken to a hole in a sponge─ one clearly drenched in heated water. In a way, that spongy encasement of his finger felt incredibly inviting.

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    Exploration of one's self was a complete endeavor, the exploration these two were going about with each other was something entirely different. Miki's hand rose and fell against the warm, twitching shaft of the lad known as Kou. There was little which could have come between her and progress. Their lips had met and they were now kissing as Kou's hand explored the space between her legs thoroughly. Her whole being was alight with untold energy as he rubbed against her in such a way. Of course, this wasn't the only spectacle to come, because one of few things that could, distracted her from the movements of her own hand. As Kou's finger slipped further down the crevice at her center and slid its way within her. This was a strange and new feeling, a sharp intake of breath and an exhale with a moan soon followed. Her own fingers were tiny, slim and used to curling within, his were entirely different. Just a single digit was all it took to give pause to the lass. Her body instinctively tightening around that finger, as she moaned. It was such a welcome feeling she could do nothing but accept it. So her hand would begin moving again, at pace, making up for the strange hiccup as their mouths met and this finger found its way inside. But oh, was such a thing something she could get used to indeed. The promising squeeze of her insides something which let her know, there was barely anything she could do if the lad happened to find that place.

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    There were innumerable difference between what these two did now, and anything Kou could have experienced alone. Why did he think it was a good idea to wait before? Had the lass released him of his pants prior to their parting moments earlier, he could have been on cloud nine, so to speak. It could easily be said that he was on said cloud here and now, while his finger swam its way through the abyss of Miki's undercarriage. He'd done a fair bit of research on matters like this, so he was quick to curl his finger upwards toward the girl's pelvis after entry was marked. Of course, some minor difficulty was added by the sudden clench around that finger, but that was no deterrent. He was going to rub his fingertip against an even spongier spot than what he'd already come to know, and he'd do so at a pace which hastened to match that tingling sensation in his manhood, which suddenly came with much greater haste than before. Oh, he certainly knew what this meant, but never had it approached with such intensity. Was it the fault of another's touch being the cause, or did it feel so much greater because he'd denied himself jumping over the proverbial edge twice in the past hour or so? Perhaps it was... yes, indeed... both.

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    Miki had offered herself release before this moment, and still she found this current experience to be outweighing her own. How wonderful! And... terrible. How could she ever go back to the solo experiences that gave her bliss before, when she knew now the joy of a touch that didn't belong to her? This was something she should have considered. Something she should have thought through past this point... but it was in vain now. Now, Kou had found it. The spot within her person which would release her entire being without taking much work at all. He'd struggled against her body's initial reaction to intrusion, and found exactly the right spot... and what was more, he knew what to do when he touched it. He stroked that spot repeatedly, at a hastened pace. The stimulation was so direct the girl would have been blinded by it, had her eyes not already been closed. She saw light. She saw stars... hell, she might have seen god. As her own hand raised and lowered at the same rising pace she was stroked within. She was so close, beyond close even, that the stroke that sent her over the edge, wasn't one she expected. It simply happened as her own body tensed and then relaxed in rapid succession. Moisture flooded from her core and she moaned a blossoming climax she hadn't known she'd been missing. This experience... spoiled her.

    She was sullied by the tingling sensation which overtook her form from head to toe, leaving her body a dribbling mess of utter relaxation. And it would only be at this point, that her hand would find stillness, though if Kou still needed, she'd rouse herself for the occasion.

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