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    Speaking of sullied, Kou was due for an experience he only imagined happening in media. His efforts resulted in his hand becoming even wetter, and he felt the pulsing of Miki's undercarriage to signal her satisfaction. What's more, the increased pace of Miki's hand was a dead giveaway as well. Of course... his resistance paid off at just the wrong time. Indeed, the occurrence which fell upon Kou was one he'd seen in one particular manga, in which one party's climax resulted in the miss of the other's. Simply because Miki's hand stopped, he was denied sweet release for the third time this day. Was he complaining? No, not at all. In fact, the occurrence placed an interesting list of potentials in his mind, related to the version he'd seen/read. This train of thought, and the desire to finish himself, led him to continue his hand's own movement─ even adding his forefinger to the mix as if to spurn the lass on with added effort.

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    Ah, it'd been missed. The timing of her release was a bit off, but given that it was unexpected even by her, she was less prepared to deal with it initially, than she would have been if she'd provided it for herself. Still... that wasn't a complaint. Surprises seemed to be very common in their interactions, and she wouldn't have them failing her now. Apparently, she wouldn't be given much choice in the matter regardless. As after flourish, the lad added another finger to her nether, spurring on a strange sensation within her loins. Her breath still hitched her hand began to move again, having become no worse for wear over the course of her most recent finish. In fact, she could start with a renewed sense of purpose. After all, it wasn't originally her intention to steal such a release for herself. She wasn't selfish and she knew Kou had been without. She'd simply been so caught off-guard by his actions, that she'd ended up strangely at his mercy in the last few moments, even while trying to hold her own.

    So here she was, starting anew, a stroke of the lad's manhood from base to tip with a soft but firm grip at a pace, which would start slow but increase ever so gently over time. She'd do this, while trying not to become too distracted by her own loins, but... that would be difficult.

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    Without issue, Miki seemed ready and willing to restore the movements of her hand after his second finger was added to her interior. It seemed now was Kou's turn to suffer distraction by the efforts of another, as this renewed vigor after pausing brought about a rather impressive surge of sensation. In this case, however, the result was not the same. His fingers had begun to take on a sliding motion, as if thrusting to replicate a more conventional form of coitus, but that could not last long. When he experienced that sudden pulse returning from the depths of his shaft, he tensed immediately. This was the cause of his momentum being lost, but also the cause of his fingers curling and clenching within the lass' undercarriage. As to avoid issue, he made use of this by continuing that same movement repeatedly. All the while, there was a light thrusting to his hips that seemed to be completely out of the lad's control. He hardly had a few additional moments left in him, as far as he could tell. Soon enough, the white-haired male would likely wind up unconscious after the grandest of flourishes.

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    Kou's fingers did indeed keep moving, but it seemed she was now in control of this situation a bit more than she had been before. Her hand kept moving, up and down stroking without interruption, even as the lad's hips thrust into her gentle closed fist. A grin came to her face as she altered her method slightly, only to meet him at each thrust keeping up with his own speed to help him along. But she wasn't necessarily in a position of strength here either. No. Miki was quite at this lad's mercy with the second finger he moved around in her person, she managed to concentrate just a bit, though she could already feel another deep welling feeling. Actually, this was fine. She could feel that deep curling sensation and had a better idea of what to expect. As such, when the wave of feeling that was her next climax was reached, she wasn't completely stopped by it. No, her hand kept moving to match this lad's he too would experience this release at the literal hand of another. Her insides clinched around his fingers, and she felt that glorious pressure disappear from her body, but still, she waited for the grand and obvious sign this lad had reached his end as well.

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    He was quite surprised to discover a bit more shifting within Miki's undercarriage. Was this happening again, already? Something must have gone right, even if accidentally. Whatever the case, the sudden matching of pace with his natural movements was something to create a strange moment of tranquility. Alas, it was simply the eye of a storm, whose most powerful segment was quickly approaching. His face felt as if it were shrinking, the way it contorted over the course of a few moments. Clearly, they were properly in line this time, and Miki was content to ride her conclusion smoothly without pause this time. There was, however, one matter that crossed Kou's mind as that imaginary geyser prepared its explosion. Earlier, he had failed to acquire a towel... and here he was now, essentially repeating the same scenario while being without the ability to stop himself. With that being the case, all he could do was struggle his way through whatever warning he could manage. "Wait wait... it's gonna─" Well, it was more of a struggle than he even thought it would be. He didn't even realize upon making the decision, that he had no more than... about three seconds before burst, at which point his own manhood didn't care where its plentiful spurt of thick, white fluids went; it would no longer be held within regardless.

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    Miki was helping the lad along rather nicely, and managed not to stop her work as she aided his finish. Even so, according to the lad's own words his flourish would be coming in seconds. Oh! A problem. An actual problem... what to do about that finish? Kou wasn't a girl, a little damp and sticky wasn't going to be what occurred here. Ah, but Miki was a pretty skilled girl, and though he obviously had nothing on hand to catch it with, she could rather easily get something to do just that. In a world with magic and abilities this version of the girl was telekinetic. She pulled a towel to her unoccupied hand the second before the spurted his finish. An extreme level of relief entered the lass' body as she managed the towel around the same time she brought her hands movements to a close, managing only a minor spillage on the appendage. "Ah-ha... ha... got it," she said. The girl was rather instantly sleepy, even so, she cleaned off her own hand, while waiting for the lad to extricate himself from her body. She could very easily go to sleep now... as her body hit a point of exhaustion she couldn't have managed on her own and they'd rather narrowly avoided ruining their new bed. Or perhaps the better way of thinking about it, was that they'd managed to christen it.

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    There was a bit of concern surrounding the end of this exchange on Kou's part, but it seemed all was fine. Miki happened to possess an ability which boasted innumerable conventional uses, including one to be seen in this very moment. Suddenly, there was a towel in place to catch his expulsion as it was unleashed. It was well beyond him to be concerned about it during the moment, but it was satisfying to know he hadn't loosed his seed in some disgraceful manner that would have sullied this new bed... and probably Miki as well, given the intensity. As the adrenaline vacated Kou's body, his breathing became more labored, though clearly stabilizing by the second. It didn't take long after this development for the lad to slowly descend onto the mattress again, his fingers slipping their way out of the blonde as he did so. He was on his back soon enough, one arm draped over his chest as it rose and fell with his heavy breathing. If Kou had a choice, he would have kept going. Could he even think to take such liberties with himself, and the situation as a whole? No; he couldn't even try. Going further would be tantamount to some sort of overload, so instead, he decided to go for... stillness.

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    What an interesting evening, this pair had managed to share. All of it culminating in a final act and release which was obviously pleasant for both parties. Miki got her breathing under control, even as Kou's fingers slipped from within her person. Even her right leg twitched as the final tingling seconds of release exited her body they only way they could. They managed to keep their bed clean too, a definite plus. As she fell back against the bed she aimed to still herself, feeling initially only the beating of her own heart for several seconds. This was so much. Maybe more than her imagination had put together for her in all of her random fantasies. Still it wasn't as if they'd completed any real activity, they could always go further right? She thought about this for several seconds, but.... ultimately let the thought fall to the recesses of her mind. She wasn't unsatisfied at all. Today had been great, the feeling in her body now was nothing short of bliss. And... it wasn't as if there wasn't more time. It wasn't as if this would be the only time they shared a moment like this, right? She snuggled herself in, curling up into the lad's side as he found his stillness. It was her goal to keep him and experience him in ways she didn't imagine anyone else. She could leave this with some unknown amount of satisfaction, and with that her mind began to drift. She blinked several times over the course of a few seconds, but since she was still maintaining some level of physical contact with the white haired lad, her body remained far too comfortable to move. She'd slowly fall asleep, exactly like this... with her own self left close enough for cuddling and open enough for such an invitation to be taken at the leisure of the lad at her side.

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    Kou hardly had the ability to move at this point. His breathing steadily devolved toward a more normal pattern during this period of rest, but that did nothing for his heartbeat. This was especially the case when Miki came into contact with him again. Was this what afterglow felt like? What would this have felt like if they had gone all the way? As it was, he felt a quantity of contentment he couldn't have ever imagined before. Kou wondered if he could get away with taking a bit... extra, so to speak. Surely he could. Since they were both falling asleep anyway, and since Miki sought such closeness regardless, he decided to hang an arm around her upper torso while slipping into unconsciousness himself. Oddly enough, it wasn't a very long process. Kou wasn't one for warmth over cold, but this wasn't exactly an overbearingly hot sensation either. No, it was something comfortable, something which sent him to dreamland in a few short minutes.

    Of course, he would fall asleep not knowing that their waking moments would herald an arrival at... a very different destination to what anyone planned.

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    Content and with a heart beating steadily, Miki found herself burrowed into Kou's side and rapidly falling asleep. This level of comfort, was only added to by the addition of the lad's arm around her person in the moments after they both calmed down properly. Was this what post coital cuddling was like? Would it be better when they experienced all of each other? She couldn't imagine, at this moment, she'd never felt more safe, content or calm. She could definitely sleep like this... In fact, it only took a few minutes before those eyes of hers were closed and she had drifted happily into her own dreams. Ah, but these dreams would only last as long as the day.

    In the meantime, Bulma had been checking on the ships steering, noticing a grand land mass coming into her vision on the readouts rather quickly. The ship decided this place, was were it wanted to go, and there seemed to be no way of stopping it. Would they crash? The blue haired young woman took a deep breath and lit a cigarette. A deep inhale was taken as she began turning and turning the wheel, trying not to discourage the landing, but instead simply to make sure they didn't crash into anything of substance when the ship finally decided to stop. "Oi, we'll land, but ease up... yeah?" she tried bargaining with the ship as she spun the wheel cigarette dangling from between her lips, the group at large was in for quite the bumpy descent. And none would feel this more, than the overly relaxed teens in the Captain's Quarters.

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