Personal Information

Name: Yuigahama Yui
Online ID: BitterSweet<3
Age: 17
Gender: Female

She has fair skin, light orange hair that is almost always seen with the loose side bun and peach-reddish eyes. Yui is mostly seen wearing the standard school uniform; a black blazer with a white collared shirt underneath, a red ribbon tie, and plaid school skirt. She also wears black knee high socks. However she doesn't wear the uniform up to school standards. She wears her tie loose, and sometimes doesn't wear the tie or blazer at all. Her blouse underneath often has the top buttons undone.


  • Yui gives off the appearance of a sweet, dumb, popular girl but this is actually just an act.
  • She is known to take advantage of any situation she can to get what she wants, and is actually quite clever.
  • Yui is not above terrorizing someone because she doesn't like what is happening around her.
  • She gives off an air of chaos and doesn't like to see anyone happier than she is, this includes couples and children.
  • Yui seems to lack an understanding of genuine caring emotions, and as such wants to destroy things like that when she sees them.


Name: Krul Tepes

Krul has the appearance of a preteen girl, and is considered to be extremely pretty, even by vampire standards. She has calf-length rosy pink hair, partially done up into two pigtails by black hairpieces that resemble bat wings. The black headdress is connected by a black headband, and she also has what appear to be short black horns at either temple. She has large, sharp, slightly slanted eyes that are red, like all vampires, along with fangs and pointed ears.

She wears a short black, frilly style dress with a layer of white ruffles over black ruffles of the skirt. The top has a raindrop shape opening between her breasts, and the straps of the top cross before reaching her neck on either side. The top has an open back with two x-shaped crossing stitches tightening it at her waist. A strip of pink goes down either side at the front of her top and ends at bows above her ruffles. Five golden buttons are distributed evenly going down the top on either side between the pink strips. She has a white collar of lace parted in the center of her neck that reaches over her collar bones. It is bound by a pink ribbon with a large bow on the right side of her neck. It has a golden oval decoration in the center and a pair of ribbons trailing from it that reach her hips. She wears detached, loose black sleeves that are puffed up under her shoulders run past her hands, becoming wider toward the end. It has two gold buttons at the cuff. A black ribbon is tied into a bow at the top outermost sides of these sleeves, and its tails reach the length of the sleeves. White lace frills decorate the tops of the sleeves, and longer white frills hang out under the sleeves. The white also peeks out in a slit at the puffy part of the sleeves under either ribbon. Under these sleeves, she wears a pair of black gloves that are tighter against her skin and reach her knuckles. Each one has a pair of pink stripes running down from her knuckles to the end of the glove. They can only be seen when the loose sleeves over them are slid back.

Race: Vampire
Level: 45

Strength: B
Endurance: B
Agility: B
Mana: C
Luck: A
Artifact: C

Type: Rogue
Major Class: Assassin

Alpha Skill: Untraceable Strife: An ability which stems from Krul's ability to so discord, she is able to cause people to have terrible thoughts about their friends and family to the point of creating extreme paranoia within them. Beyond this arguments that erupt around Krul allow her to feed without taking blood furthering her desire to use this skill.
Beta Skill: Hypnosis: The ability to lull a specific target into a false sense of security. It takes away the free-will of an individual, causing them to want to do whatever the user says short of causing their own death. This skills use requires a luck check but in general can be used to outwit or subdue even the most physically imposing of opponents.
Gamma Skill:Drain Blood: The ability to for a moment drain the life's energy from a target for several seconds. It can work as a function of a direct bite or by physical contact with her claws instead. Draining an enemy completely dry of blood and thus killing them takes a variable amount of time, given the size and weight of the target in question. As an extension of this skill, instead of taking a Delta skill this one can be used at a distance and on more than a single target at a time.
Delta Skill: -
Omega Skill: (LV 50)

Minor Class: (LV 51)

Alpha Skill: (LV 60)
Beta Skill: (LV 70)
Gamma Skill: (LV 80)
Delta Skill: (LV 90)
Omega Skill: (LV 100)

Support Skills

Support #1: Vampiric Impulse: The desire to drink blood which is known to all vampires. It allows the user to feed on blood gaining temporary use of skills and also causing the hunger within the individual to subside. The nature of the bite, as well as when it is delievered and how all affect the amount of sustainence gained from the feeding. Vampires with Vampiric Impulse most often like feeding on others like themselves, or those who are the exact opposite.
Support #2: Curse of Restoration: The point in the vampires creation which allows them to restore their bodies back to the exact physical condition of the moment of their becoming a vampire. This works as a kind of innate healing as it restores the flesh to unmarred condition. That being said, the strength of this ability is tied to time of day and phases of the moon. The larger the moon is in the sky, the faster and more accurate this type of healing is, as it wanes, the abilities become lesser over time and the speed at which healing takes place also lessens drastically.
Support #3: Unnatural Presence: Is the support skill which allows one to weaponize their presence. Instead of using presence concealment as most assassins would, Krul is more partial to flooding an area with her unnatural aura. This allows her to know everything happening within her area of influence while also allowing her to hide her exact locatin within a certain area. It is a special skill which allows her to hunt as she pleases as well as sow discord among those she wishes to interrupt.
Support #4: (LV 60)
Support #5: (LV 75)

Skill #1:
Skill #2:
Skill #3:
Skill #4:
Skill #5:




Primary Weapon:
Offhand/Secondary Weapon:
Accessory #1:
Accessory #2:
Accessory #3: