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Thread: Aisaka Taiga

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    Aisaka Taiga

    Personal Information

    Name: Aisaka Taiga
    Online ID: PalmtopTiger
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female

    Even though Taiga is a teenager, her very short height makes her look like a younger child. Taiga has long, curly light brown hair that falls past her waist in waves, with large, dark amber eyes. She is "flat-chested" and is very ashamed about it, but often she makes up for this fact by her typically constant glare or menacing words.


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    Name: Nezuko

    Nezuko is a petite young girl with fair skin, visibly large, prominent fangs, and sharp, claw-like nails that fade to red where they point. Her hair is long, black and reaches just below her waist, turning a flame-orange color as it passes her elbows, and appears to be crimped into large, straight ridges, worn side-swept drastically to her left. She has soft-looking, pale pink eyes that appear a lighter color around the rims of their irises, slanted downwards towards the sides of her face and framed by notably long eyelashes, the pupils of which can appear slit as she transforms. She wears a light pink kimono with a hemp leaf pattern, the lining a paler pink, with a red and white checkered obi and a thin piece of orange thread looped and knotted around her waist, another band of green above it. Over this, she sports a long, dark brown haori that reaches past her knees, as well as pink zori sandals and white socks, wrapped with thick pieces of black material. Nezuko also wears a small pink ribbon to the left of her head, to keep her hair out of her face, and the bamboo gag, which is secured around her jaw with a strip of red cloth.

    Race: Oni Kind/ Half-Human
    Level: 33

    Strength: B
    Endurance: B
    Agility: B
    Mana: C
    Luck: D
    Artifact: D

    Type: Warrior
    Major Class: Berserker

    Alpha Skill: Size Manipulation: Nezuko displayed the basic ability to change and alter her body's size and height. She was able to shrink herself into the physical size of a small child in order to fit inside a small box or a basket in order to hide or grow into a more adult form to be fit for combat against even larger than normal sized creatures.
    Beta Skill: Regeneration: Nezuko possesses a tremendous regeneration ability that enables her to restore severed limbs within seconds. The true nature of this ability is solidifying her blood from her severed body parts that she could manipulate at will.
    Gamma Skill: Blood Flame Mist: Upon taking injury Nezuko is able to use her own blood to empower her attacks into ones which contain burning Oni flames. She can use these to enhance her physical attacks like punches and kicks, but also to manipulate the fires directly and incinerate specific targets given enough time.
    Delta Skill: (LV 40)
    Omega Skill: (LV 50)

    Minor Class: (LV 51)

    Alpha Skill: (LV 60)
    Beta Skill: (LV 70)
    Gamma Skill: (LV 80)
    Delta Skill: (LV 90)
    Omega Skill: (LV 100)

    Support Skills

    Support #1: Exploding Blood: A skill which is partly Oni and partly magical, it allows the use of blood as a catalyst for fire based magic and abilities. It is a support skill, which allows for the burning of blood to both lethal and non-lethal extents. It also allows her to use her blood for healing or potentially to enhance weaponry both for herself and for others. As a matter of deathly force it can be used directly against other Oni as an ignition catalyst.
    Support #2: Transformation: When Nezuko is in a dire situation, she can transform into a berserk-like state, with Oni crests, that appear as vine tattoos, circle her body, her veins popping out and a single horn protruding from her right forehead side. This form enhances Nezuko's fighting ability, at the cost of her becoming more Oni-like, including the desire to feed on humans. So far, the only way she could revert back to normal is to be rendered unconsious. Because of her habit of biting people to start with she is usually gagged so there isn't much concern about her feeding on others.
    Support #3: (LV 45)
    Support #4: (LV 60)
    Support #5: (LV 75)




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