Personal Information

Name:Asui Tsuyu
Online ID: Froppy :P
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Tsuyu is a short girl of a relatively slender build compared to her classmates, who has notably large hands. Her appearance is rather frog-like; she has a very wide mouth, which dips down a little in the middle just like that of a common frog, and oval-shaped eyes with large, black irises, their lower eyelashes visibly pronounced. According to most, being frog-like is a charm point for her, and doesn't make her less cute, and she often plays up to it inadvertantly. Her hair is a dark sea-green color, and is very long, reaching all the way to her waist, the ends tied together at the bottom in a bow of hair. She has two shoulder-length clumps framing her face, and shorter bangs between her eyes, some of them partially swept to each side.


  • Tsuyu has a habit of asking people she considers her friends to call her 'Tsu'.
  • She has a habit of poking her tongue out of the corner of her mouth when she is in deep thought.
  • As far as honorifics are concerned she will always refer to everyone else as 'chan'. This includes herself when she tells people what to call her.
  • Tsuyu chose to be a Kappa because she enjoys being in the water.


Name: Tsuyuiri

A young woman with dark green hair and large green eyes. She is generally seen wearing a plain short-sleeved kimono

Race: Youkai | Kappa
Level: 30

Strength: E
Endurance: B
Agility: B+
Mana: B
Luck: D
Artifact: B

Type: Warrior
Major Class: Mage

Alpha Skill: Flooding Irrigation: A composite skill which comprises territory creation and Water Manipulation. She can create vast bodies of water as closed off battlefields to give herself the physical advantage of being able to fight under water and have constant access to Water for her Sara Leaf.
Beta Skill: Drowning Grapple: An active skill in which Tsuyu grabs an opponent with her long tongue and twists them around after holding them to her. She does a tornado like spin in the water, knocking the air out of a victims lungs and drowning them during the spiral. The Drowning Grapple can be used on dry land, but at a very reduced damage rate.
Gamma Skill: Shirikodama Burst: A skill which allows Tsuyu to use the magical abilities of her most recently bonded Shirikodama, regardless of her own magical persuasion. Of course there is a greater bond and higher tier of magic possible when she is using one more aligned to her innate abilities. As such she is picky about the ones she keeps.
Delta Skill: (LV 40)
Omega Skill: (LV 50)

Minor Class: (LV 51)

Alpha Skill: (LV 60)
Beta Skill: (LV 70)
Gamma Skill: (LV 80)
Delta Skill: (LV 90)
Omega Skill: (LV 100)

Support Skills

Support #1: Camouflage: A support ability which allows the young Kappa to blend into her surroundings with veritable ease. She can remain unseen for long periods of time. Breathe underwater while carrying her 'Sara' making sure that she is unseen from above and blend into the background. One could say this is a lack of presence skill as she is able to not be focused upon even when she is simply walking around and trailing others.
Support #2: Shirikodama Devotion: A support skill which allows Tsuyu to scan for the mythical powers associated with the organs in individuals known as a Shirikodama. It allows her to directly interact with them, extracting them from the rectums of her victims and gaining power from holding and interacting with them. They are said to be uncomfortable to have removed and she can also return them with an equal amount of discomfort. When they are removed the victims are said to be freed from the confines of their memories, experiencing only bliss and laziness as a result, their motivations are returned if their Shirikodama is returned. This skill has the negative of making Tsuyuiri obsessed with people's butts.
Support #3: (LV 45)
Support #4: (LV 60)
Support #5: (LV 75)




Primary Weapon: Sara Leaf: A mystical object attached to the lore of the Kappa, it holds and contains water when she is outside of an area filled with it. When it is filled her Mana is increased both in quality and power, but she cannot fight physically on land and has to revert to combat in the water to avoid the pitfalls of her designation as a Kappa.
Offhand/Secondary Weapon:
Accessory #1:
Accessory #2:
Accessory #3: