Personal Information

Name: Sakurai Junko
Online ID: Mugen Byakuren
Age: 19
Gender: Female



Name: Merlyn | Emris (by Druids)
Race: Human/Succubus
Level: 65

Strength: E
Endurance: E
Agility: C+
Mana: A++
Luck: A
Artifact: A

Type: Mage
Major Class: Caster

Alpha Skill: (LV 10)
Beta Skill: (LV 20)
Gamma Skill: (LV 30)
Delta Skill: (LV 40)
Omega Skill: Hope of Avalon : Due to unknowns events, this Merlyn is no longer confined in the tower of Avalon. Avalon will continue to exist until the moment humanity ends. Merlyn perceives Avalon as the image of the ideal future humanity tries to reach. For that reason, the Avalon she resides in is not locked, but instead left open as the finish line for humanity. Merlyn's staff points beyond the horizon. To hope itself, which continues to shine beyond eternity, inviting people to run towards it.

Minor Class: (LV 51)

Alpha Skill: (LV 60)
Beta Skill: (LV 70)
Gamma Skill: (LV 80)
Delta Skill: (LV 90)
Omega Skill: (LV 100)

Support Skills

Support #1: Dreamlike Charisma (D Rank): The ability to fascinate people. A Skill that can be considered necessary to be a king or a leader. Merlyn is a natural at it, for whatever reason. However, Merlyn's Charisma is weaker on humans, because she often prioritizes fun above all else, so life as a king would drive her crazy.
Support #2: Hero Creation (B Rank): The techniques to birth and raise a "king". Merlyn is one of the very few Kingmakers in the world, but her rank with this Skill is lowered due to her "doing things right is important, making them fun is even more important" personality.
Support #3: Succubus' Vicinity (EX Rank): Her power (or nature) as the last Succubus on Earth. A composite Skill of Illusionism and Mystic Eyes. With one glance at the battlefield, she can affect the minds of all targets, friend or foe, and absorb their magical energy.
Support #4: Independent Manifestation (A Rank): The Skill to independently appear in the present world. Merlyn can't be properly summoned as a Heroic Spirit. Because there is no future where she dies. She serves her Master as Servant just as way to vent her personal desires. Frankly, it's just a hobby. To enable this hobby, she forced herself to learn this Skill available only to one specific Class, and pretended to have been summoned as a Servant.
Support #5: (LV 75)




Primary Weapon:
Offhand/Secondary Weapon:
Accessory #1:
Accessory #2:
Accessory #3:

Mystic Code: Magic Core: As a Hybrid Succubus, Merlyn possesses a Magic Core similar to those found in Dragonkind.