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    He died and came back. Yes, she knew it was possible to trick and avoid death at various turns, but she'd assumed that a death caused by the Executioner of the World was one which was of a more permanent nature. Ah, that was her own mistake, it didn't stop it from being distasteful. "There isn't much point now is there..." she said, sounding a bit like a petulant child who'd just been told no for the first time. Still this was likely the most sane sentence she'd spoken aloud today. Soon enough she was curious, and thus distracted. Was that what this was, some sort of play at power? Being kind in the face of these Knights to claim them so that they could move on without fuss. How interesting... with a man like this at her side she could be openly merciless and he could offer just enough kindness to keep stringing along the masses. How many new converts could she achieve like this? She was giddy at the prospect. So giddy in fact, she'd overlooked the idea that she was being all but ignored, as every reasonable man in this room gave his oath to Arthur, thus freeing them from any binding agreements that left them in Kolin's court. She was losing and she was too busy scheming to see it. There was also that previously mentioned threat of Sir Hector's but surely that was a thing of the past, spoken in anger. He truly wouldn't try and kill her simply because he died, especially not when he'd been able to come back... right? Knights were supposed to be forgiving and all of that nonsense.

    At the same time Merlyn's explanation seemed to be enough for Arthur and it would be Cador who gave a real explanation. Sir Hector de Maris was indeed a blessed Knight. Loved by the World in ways that the normal people wouldn't understand. All the while Merlyn continued to stand in her little Anti-magic bubble, watching as Arthur claimed the first four of his Knights. This moment was one of many she waited for, given that she'd met him as a farm boy getting pushed around in the church... his visage here was one of comfort. A nice potential for the future, "Aww, they grow up so fast~" she would have wiped a tear from her eye, but... hands still chained. Yep. What an interesting day. All the while she seemed to very happy, a day like this was one which her heart could have used... all those times she'd decided life wasn't worth living any further. Maybe she shouldn't have questioned her place in the world so readily, for all the bad moments she'd experience or would a few moments like this would surely help her out.

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    True enough, there wasn't much of a point at all. Charles' job was done, so unless Kolin required another dose of negative karma to herself, he could officially take his leave. And so, he did just that. These kneeling knights were not his concern; they were Arthur's to deal with. It seemed Kolin took no issue with what was going on. Was she really so dense? Arthur wasn't collecting knights for her, but for his own goals and the good of this world. He was doing as Merlyn guided, not forming an alliance against her. Kolin suffered blindness by the light of her own insanity, and she would one day pay the price.

    Arthur was still far too forgiving, though. He wanted anything but to take a human life that had even the slightest chance of being saved. More importantly, he took issue with the apparent vengeance desired by Sir Hector. "Sir Hector... I apologize, but I can't let you take a life in response to having yours taken. You're a good man, and I don't want to see you kill in rage. Kolin..." He took a deep breath, thinking over his coming words. As he'd done numerous times since arriving here, he took special care when speaking. The point of such a thing was becoming less and less clear, but it had become his way by now. "You plan to be queen, yes? What sort of queen do you imagine yourself being to me?"

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    Kolin was indeed this dense. Or rather, it was more correct to say... she wasn't presently capable of reaching truly rational conclusions because she was just the sort of person who was far too mad to do logical things. She was far beyond what one would or could consider normal. No, in her current manner of thinking she was trying to figure out how lenient Arthur planned on being. She'd need to temper her own responses to keep everything going according to plan. Ah, she was even right... Arthur did indeed stop her potentially having to deal with Sir Hector's immediate retaliation. Between now and later, she'd likely find reason or plot something to get rid of him... he wasn't among her favorites and knowing he couldn't easily be killed getting him banished from Arthur's court would be a far better use of her time. Yes, that was fine. Oh... she was being questioned...

    Kolin's face turned to Arthur, he asked if she intended to be queen... surely he jested. Of course that was always her intention, from the moment she laid eyes on him she decided that she wanted him as a replacement for Leorio. Ah, but that wasn't what this was about... he was asking for the sake of the men... right? He wanted to hear her intentions what kind of Queen did she plan to be for this lad? Well, that was obvious... "Obviously, I plan to be your merciless Queen. The one who allows you the peace to be as kind as you wish. You can mediate from the point of your kindness so long as you don't interfere with what I intend which is to conquer every single naysayer every time they appear, in whatever way the world allows. No disrespect shall ever be tolerated to me or you... and every provocation will be met with decisive and swift action. That includes any who try to take away what is rightfully mine, obviously just the sort of Queen you need~" she said as if she'd made the most profound statement in the world.

    Merlyn looked at this woman in absolute disbelief. Did she truly think a vengeful harpy who turned her destructive glance towards anyone would be what someone wanted out of their Queen? Did she actually think this question was being asked of her for just the purpose of helping him manipulate the Knights before him. Did she really think everyone had forgotten that just moments ago, she'd given an order to have someone raped and tortured because they'd refused her? Disrespect for Kolin was literally just existing in a way which contradicted the way she thought, and being a woman not willing to whore yourself out for her ideals. And being a woman better liked by a man that she also liked. Ah, but Merlyn had to be quiet at a time like this... because these were important decisions for the young Arthur to make, she wanted to tell him that taking care of this now instead of leaving it for later was more important, but she supposed this was something he'd figure out for himself. Nerys had been quiet for a long time, but unlike Kolin she'd already read the shifting of the room. She'd gone absolutely still, trying to disappear, because when the dam of this event broke she wanted to escape everything.

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    Kolin offered her explanation, and oh what a twisted thing it was. Her summary sounded more like an enforcer than a queen, and in no way was there mention of anything wifely. Moreover, what was this about disrespect? The tyranny of everything she said was beyond mad, beyond outlandish. It was... sick. The kind of queen he needed, the kind of queen he would consider ideal, was anything but those things. Arthur's eyes closed, his head leaning against the back of his hand. "Cador. Bring Guin and Emilia," he said, resulting in the Spirit Knight's smile. "Oh? For that much, I needn't even move." Cador spoke truth; he knew those two were not very far away at all. Soon enough, they would surely appear.

    Arthur wouldn't specifically wait for them, however. He desired information from multiple sources, and they were not the only women in this castle. There were two more in this room, one of which had been silent since her earlier questioning by Kolin. When Arthur's eyes opened again, they shifted toward... Nerys. "You there," he called out to her, seeming oddly stern while still clad in the strange aura that began manifesting during his call to the knights. "Give me your honest opinion. What qualities make a good queen?"

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    Ah, Arthur asked Cador to get Emilia and Guin. Both of those individuals were currently within a nearby hall. They stayed this close to the throne room routinely. Keeping an eye on the comings and goings as well as the workings of the Kingdom. Such was their nature, they only didn't appear in the throne room itself because of the random occurrences that took place there. They'd watch until such a time as they found what they were seeing to be too much, then they'd excuse themselves back to work. This time however they were near enough by to have taken in the whole of this day. They'd spent much of the morning subduing each other at various moments to keep from interfering in the the goings on. One such moment had only been recently recovered from... and it concerned the man known as Elyan. She was still recovering from that one, it would be a few moments.

    In the meantime Nerys was spoken to very directly and froze under the eye of Arthur. She'd really been trying to disappear, and now she was asked a question. What a dangerous question that was. Actually, there was no more dangerous question than that in all the land, of this she was absolutely certain. Her eyes opened and closed several times, why was he asking her this, right now... in front of this woman. Did he not know the amount of wrath she reigned down on individuals for contradicting her. There was so much obvious anxiety in this woman. "Um... that's a pretty dangerous question... " she said making sure she never once made eye contact with Kolin. In fact she was looking at absolutely nothing. Her eyes wandered but she decided it best to answer quickly and go back to hiding. "Hypothetically, if I was choosing a Queen, for myself. Someone attractive, but also clever... patient I guess. Wifely... I don't know someone who can help me look after things I don't do," she said, of course this answer was pretty normal for her, and to be honest if she was a man as she should have been that sort of thing would have been what would have been preferred. After Nerys spoke Emilia and Guin popped up hand in hand. Nerys words earned her an ireful glare from Guin, one she felt down to the core of her being. She could swear she was suddenly cold, but she still wasn't making eye contact with anyone. The words she had spoken no doubt struck home for Guin, cold words were coming. "Funny those things weren't good enough qualities for you when you decided to betray our mother..." Guin said those words hit Nerys like icy daggers. Of course... they were meant to, Guin's hand was pulled by Emilia in the moment. "You wanted to see us?" the white haired girl asked, the tips of her pointy ears hidden behind the falls of her straight white hair. Emilia was speaking now, because she knew Guin was still furious she was trying but far too much had happened and Guin was quite on the edge.

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    During the time it took Guin and Emilia to reach the throne room properly, Arthur would receive the answer of Nerys. She seemed quite reprehensive about the idea of giving it, but there was nothing to fear as far as Arthur was concerned. Sure, Kolin could clearly be a menace... but that time could only last so long, he thought. "It's fine. Just give it," he said, adopting a more comforting tone. Nerys' answer was... decent, the knight supposed. Frankly, Arthur pinned it as the response he'd expect of the average man, but that was fine. "By the books, I suppose. Thank you." This was all he had to say, though Guin's outrage would not go unnoticed. Something more had gone on in this kingdom prior to the arrival of Merlyn and himself. There was hardly a thing to be done about it now, but perhaps Guin was not the best second target for his question. Luckily for him, it was Emilia who questioned his summoning of them.

    "Yes. I appreciate you coming as quickly as you did," he started, sure to express his honest gratitude for them walking into this mess of a meeting. "Emilia, could you give me your honest opinion on what makes a good queen?" Simple as that, he wanted to hear the answer to this question multiple times. There was an obvious fact that everyone's answer would not be the same, but he figured there would be a blaring difference between Kolin's belief and... well, literally anyone else's.

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    Arthur had no idea how long the meanace of Kolin could last. Perhaps one day, Merlyn would get around to explaining to him the amount of time that had passed between now and the time period of Kolin being turned down by the man whose affection she wanted. But that would be another day, today he was faced with the answer of Nerys who seemed to want a wifely woman of patience. A plain bit of salt came from Guin when she approached but that much was to be expected. The Merlyn knew why she was this way, she knew of the problems that Kolin had created in this place and she knew that Nerys played a great role in the death of the innocent previous King and Queen. Guin also knew this was nothing to harp over anymore. Even so, she couldn't help but feel upset by Nerys commentary specifically in this context. Whatever the case, Guin was given a moment or two to calm herself while Emilia took up speaking roles for the pair. In this case, Arthur thanked them for making their way here so quickly, which caused Emilia to look a little sheepish. "We weren't that far away or anything... " she said speaking the way she always did. Still his next question made her brow raise slightly. He truly was asking a dangerous question, but the difference between Emilia and Nerys was... that Emilia didn't care what Kolin thought of her. "A Queen should be kind, honest and diligent, stern when needed, but not terrifying." There was much honesty in Emilia's answer. She'd been in this world for so long she could barely find it in herself to care about the wrath of Kolin. Meanwhile, Merlyn smiled. Nerys had given a bland answer, much like she would have expected from a man hiding in a woman's body. Emilia had picked an answer which stabbed right at the heart of Kolin. She could see the blonde woman on the throne thinking. The gears in Kolin's head were turning... she was trying to figure out what Arthur's angle was on asking two other women their thoughts about a Queen. All the while she managed only to look confused. But the words of Nerys still garnered glowering and Emilia and Guin's mere presence caused the woman's face to sour immediately. She truly didn't like other women appearing before her in anyway. In the time Emilia spoke, Guin managed to calm down quite a bit... there was coldness in her stare but it no longer swirled with obvious discontent. Though there were still several things about the current situation which upset her.

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    Kind, honest and diligent. Stern when needed, but not terrifying. No, anything but terrifying. Emilia's answer was a proper one indeed; he could serve such a queen. As a potential king himself, he could even see such a queen at his side. Yes, it was a marvelous answer that made Arthur nod as he heard it. "Mm," he murmured. "Thank you, Emilia." Something special resonated within Arthur at the time. The answer was a bit spot-on, and it seemed to reach out to something other than Arthur himself. He couldn't quite tell what it was, so he personally paid little mind to it... but it was there.

    Now, there was a slight problem. Guin appeared less infuriated by the time Emilia spoke her opinion of a good queen, yet true fury could not be quelled so easily. He really didn't want to ask her the question he'd ask the others, but he needed to make a point. Would he dare? No, he couldn't leave her out. Guinevere was undoubtedly the closest thing to a queen herself, as far as women in Zuria were concerned at present. Nevertheless, he delicately approached the matter of asking her as well. "Guin. I am very sorry to do this, given the circumstance, but may I ask you the same question?"

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    Emilia in the moment gave a slight bow of her head. She was a respectful lass after all, and the man had saved her once... he was owed at least that much. Beyond this point while all the speaking took place Guin managed to calm herself to more tolerable levels. Even so, the words of Arthur reached her ears causing her brow to furrow. Surely he realized he didn't need to apologize. None of the negatives she'd experienced in her time were the fault of anyone but Kolin and Nerys. Moreover, Guin's own demeanor was far from what one would consider Queenly in her own opinion. She gave it a few seconds of consideration before speaking carefully. "Those apologies from you... aren't necessary. I can't speak on the qualities of a Queen I would choose... I am not sure I would choose one..." she said truthfully. "Emilia and though I dislike saying it... Nerys have the most of it covered... I think for general purposes, but the only things I'd find or want to be in addition to those things... are confident and compassionate," she said with that gentle demeanor bringing light to her eyes. She saw not herself playing through her own mind, but the face of the woman who raised her. Who walked the halls of this cavernous castle and made it feel warm and inviting. "I don't mean the gaudy type of confidence that someone who asserts themselves harshly with force. But instead the confidence of one who walks into a room and fills it with their presence, while not stifling those around them. A stability and warmth of character and personality, which would in turn bring out the best in those around them. And the ability to be compassionate, to show what is needed through ones own actions and demeanor. Your family, friends and people should see you and know that whatever they bring before you will be addressed with all the care the situation can deserve whether the Queen could sympathize, empathize or maybe not do either thing, the presence would still be comforting... " Guin's words were the truth. But in saying them she found a simpler way to express herself. She looked up from her doll in this moment her icy eyes meeting Arthur's. "I guess what I mean to say is, regardless of her disposition, a Queen should feel like home and all the comforts, consequences and justice that provides." that was it. Her Mother always felt like that, whether Guin was being chastised for pranking her younger brother, or she was being praised for doing well in her lessons. When she cried remembering her previous childhood and was comforted and when she made her first use of magic here... all of these things done in the Queen's presence felt like home and that is what she would have wished for herself as a leader and that is what she expected from one. Though it wasn't what she ended up with at all. Her role models for Queen were her Mother and Artoria Pendragon... and they fit this ideal. She would have tried to be those kinds of people while retaining her true nature... but not letting that nature overwhelm the needs of others.

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    At long last, the most important answer was coming. When told his apology was unnecessary, Arthur shook his head. In no way was it an unnecessary apology; asking the question during her upset state was regrettable. Regardless, she shared her opinion. There was a bit more depth to what she said, compared to answers given by the others... even though she agreed with the other two as well. Many words were spoken, and there was much attention being paid by Arthur. Something about her response seemed... oddly perfect. Her description of an ideal queen was so close to what Arthur himself would imagine, there was almost no discrepancy. Home... yes, it was as perfect as an answer could be. Arthur couldn't resist the feeling of warmth encompassing him as he heard that honesty, though there was one additional thing he needed to know.

    "Thank you, Guinevere. That was a fine answer," he announced, moving quickly toward the next matter. Everyone's answers stacked up interestingly against Kolin's, yet there was one thing missing from all of them. A queen was not simply a queen; no. A queen was also wife to a king in most scenarios, and in his ideal scenario, a kingdom would naturally contain both. One more question would come─ just one. This time, he asked every woman in the room simultaneously. "All of you, then. You've said what makes a queen. What about a wife? Most queens have a king, right? I'm sure it can't all be about the ruling of a nation."

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