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    Cador calling Merlyn a good girl, made the succubus giddy. Yep, more fun to be had... not now but later. Now, she was being a proper teacher and good general influence on the world. She was helping Arthur navigate his abilities, but not without immediately punishing him for overuse of a skill. Yes, she'd made it more effective, and yes she'd taught him exactly how to do this but that wasn't really the purpose. "Yes, I taught you that..." she said about the attack. "Against monsters, in the wilderness... not in the middle of civilization. Time and place lad. Time and place." she said. "Keeping in mind the power level and fortification of what you are attacking is key. There are some minor things... I couldn't tell you before, but at least be aware of your connection. You should feel it by now..." Merlyn chided. All the while Lot aimed to capture both Kolin and Nerys. The latter of whom still just looked scared. After Lot got Kolin he was coming for her. And she was backing away. Nerys was above all things, a coward. She did what was necessary for her. If she stayed here... she'd likely be sentenced to death for her actions against the former King and Queen. Even so, Kolin's madness was infectious... would helping her secure her spot or leave her at the woman's mercy. She couldn't know... which decision was the right one.

    Lot was going to have a hard time reaching Nerys, because Merlyn was going to be speaking to her. A look in that direction and all was still but Merlyn's face as Nerys looked at it. "Making the same choice more than once and expecting a different outcome is madness, Nerys," she said with finality. "There are things in life worse than death..." she also mentioned. This was a choice. A point of impact. Nerys could go with Lot and fix up Kolin or she could stay here and receive whatever punishment Guin and Elyan thought for her. She thought it death and death was too permanent. "I'm not so stupid as to think I can get away with anything. You can speak like I have a choice but are you really able to tell me life is worse than death when you literally don't have to fear it? No... then don't blame a coward for the choice they make to save themselves..." said Nerys and that was all. That distance closed again and Sir Lot would succeed in dragging along Nerys who would try to begin healing Kolin, but... there wasn't much she could actually do. Her diamond form had been shattered, which broke apart her body. She could delay it, but she couldn't actually stop the death. "All of them will suffer..." Kolin mumbled. "All of them will pay..." she uttered. "But none more than Arthur Pendragon!" her words were practically a curse, she truly now held a vendetta against him. She hoped they'd make it off. But as Merlyn had released Nerys' consciousness, she also knew they were getting away. "The other prisoners aren't nearly as respectful of the court as I was..." Merlyn mentioned. All the while the dream state of the castle returned to normal and Guin looked at it in amazement. Merlyn was truly magical as an entity and she looked so calm and poised. She also told Arthur off for his folly, she was obviously a very good teacher. Guin was very familiar with Queen Artoria's exploits though and she knew of Merlin how could he be here and a woman at the same time? These were questions worth asking right?

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    "I should feel─" Arthur stammered halfway through a response, halting abruptly. Yes, he could feel something akin to a connection. Before that attack was unleashed, it was almost as if Artoria Pendragon had a hand on his shoulder to offer direct guidance against his foes. With that in mind however, he could only feel as if that amount of force was necessary. "Would you have done anything less, Merlyn? She isn't even dead from that," he said. Following a brief exchange between Merlyn and Nerys, Lot had managed to use the distracted state of all present to whisk the former queen of Zuria away. Arthur could already see Leorio's chariots racing off in the distance. Perhaps they should charge after them?

    No. There was no use following the crumbling queen and her band of three servants. These people had been through enough, and Arthur was certain they would be brought together again one day. One sigh of relief after another occurred in Zuria's throne room; peace could be enjoyed, if only temporarily. "Everyone's alright then?" the blonde knight questioned. In response, those who had been deemed future Knights of the Round Table, simply took a knee. Cador, Hector, Elyan and Dagonet were all in perfect health. Kolin may have escaped with her life and a few of her lackeys, but they would never stop preparing to fell her properly. "All is well, King Arthur," said Cador, the first to speak for the group. He couldn't help it; something about the showing of Excalibur was more comforting than his wildest imagination. Some others could say the same, whether it was voiced or not. Slightly shocked, Arthur cleared his throat and looked to the women of the throne room. "Guinevere? Emilia?"

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    It seemed Arthur at least understood what she was talking about with the connection to the other... Queen Artoria. A smirk came to her face, when asked if she would have done anything less, Merlyn could only scoff. "No... I wouldn't have done any differently. Unfortunately, we are quite similar in that regard. Just two younger twin siblings," she mentioned with a chuckle. "And all is well, young King Arthur. I can tell you with authority that the woman known as Kolin cannot be healed from the wounds she has. She will die... and it will not be pleasant..." Merlyn said that wasn't an angry sentence though it could have been. Truly she was just more saddened by that stain on the face of a brilliant showing of humanity. Ah, but now was not the time to worry and frown. No... it was the time for celebration and for the coronation and acknowledgement of the young King by his current court.

    When Guin and Emilia were called both did small curtsies as well. They seemed to be calmer as well thanks to the sight of Excalibur. "We are fine, King Arthur..." said Emilia who took a moment to give waving eye brows to Guin who still seemed a bit star struck. "Yes, we are fine indeed. Thank you... still it's surprising, you're truly King Arthur, Excalibur and all..." she said trying to recover and seeming flustered. Merlyn's voice would be the next one heard, always one to help a fellow lady out of a jam. "Yep, easiest to think of it as twin stuff... and just be happy with our Future King~" she mused, which gave the girl enough time to be able to raise those eyes of hers without feeling embarrassed. Mostly due to the fact that the man kept using her name to address her. "And thank you as well Merlyn for saving the castle," she offered the mage. Which made Merlyn scoff, "Oh please, I planned to save as many as I could when I came here. I didn't just include things physical in that ideal... it's one of those twin things... speaking of twin things..." Merlyn said turning to Arthur with devious light in her eyes. If the young Guinevere was embarrassed it was her duty as court mage to see to it, that all things would be balanced, at least a little. She turned her head away from the girls and spoke a little to Arthur about something he'd said, in a whisper so soft it would only be heard by him. "You know that thing you said about incredible bodies Arthur? Those proportions are standard in something like sixty percent of the women in this world. It is an ideal of beauty after all... Lady Guinevere is truly going to be the whole package~" she teased before sauntering off, to join the Knights as a group.

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    Just as he thought, Merlyn's approach to dealing with Kolin would have been no different to his own. There was a reference added to the other Merlyn connected to the other King Arthur. Strangely enough, it felt as if a strong bonding moment was present between the two. Both of them were younger twins, and both of them were quite different compared to their respective siblings. Perhaps this was for the better; perhaps it was for worse. Whatever the case, it seemed Merlyn knew that Kolin would experience a rather unpleasant death in the near future. "You can tell that? What makes you think it won't be pleasant?" Merlyn's statements were always so very cryptic to Arthur. He understood that she had some strange foresight, but there was always a lack of clarity.

    Emilia and Guin, too, were fine. Good. It felt strange, however, being addressed as King Arthur so many times in a row. He may have announced himself as such before, but hearing it from a group before properly claiming Camelots throne was... odd. He actually seemed a bit embarrassed as Excalibur lowered to his side, and his free hand rubbed the back of his head. "You guys don't have to call me King Arthur or anything," he said, though the first of his knights, Cador, spoke quickly. "Nonsense. Your kingdom begins with us; you should get used to being called King Arthur, even if you don't have a kingdom just yet. Or a queen," he added cheekily, knowing of the shared attraction between Arthur and a certain former princess. As if this wasn't bad enough, Merlyn also had something to say, though she spoke of Guin directly to the blonde male.

    Oh... right. He did say something about incredible bodies when speaking to Kolin, didn't he? What did that have to do with anything, though? Of course, it had to do with Guinevere. One more instance of foresight came from Merlyn, though far less cryptic this time around. Guinevere was going to be... what? Arthur couldn't resist his eyes immediately shifting toward the white-haired lass. His eyes were wide, his face was beet-red, and there was a quick vertical switch or two in his gaze that he fully failed to resist. "Uh─"

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    Merlyn might have been the Queen of Cryptic statements. But she knew the death Kolin would suffer would not be pleasant because of how the woman would handle it. She wouldn't go peacefully. She wouldn't free her servants and send them off into the world. No, she'd drag them all down with her, kicking and screaming. And she was going to meet her match as she tried to drag herself across the desert. "Yes, I can tell. I've already seen it..." Merlyn said those eyes of hers glowing beneath her hood. Back to being a relative unknown and definitely neutralizing the effect of her existence. "It won't be pleasant because she won't accept it. Kicking and screaming... aimed at the Argonaut, unmoved by her tantrums," Merlyn stated, it was no less cryptic than her original statement but maybe, the exact details of this situation were very much unnecessary. Since he wasn't involved in what would happen she could be more clear in her description of these things than normal. Ah, but she couldn't really explain why she knew these things, nor could she explain the depths of her own Clairvoyance.

    "I'm sure a King worth following should always be called a King..." these words were said by Emilia who managed to further nudge Guin. Merlyn for her part in handing off information to Arthur saw clearly that beet-red face of his as he tried nobly and failed to not scan the current form that belonged to the blue-eyed lass. In he meantime, Guin managed to find the wandering eye of Arthur once more, why was he embarrassed? What had Merlyn said to him in that moment of passing? Perhaps she didn't need to know? She looked down at the doll in her hands and her own eyes widened as well... Viy was no less meddlesome than Merlyn, luckily enough Guin was the only one who could hear her.

    While the embarrassment of the situation settled, it seemed the Kingdom of Arthur and his Round table were coming together, nicely. Merlyn was pleased, the least number of lives had been lost today. The least amount of trauma had been applied to the group... best possible outcome. Still she paused before Sir Hector and Sir Dagonet offered and offered them a smile... beneath her hood her lonely eyes showed true sorrow. Merlyn had Sir Cador release Hector from his oath, knowing he would sacrifice himself for someone else, yet another thing she'd bear in her conscience. She truly meant every word she'd spoken in his eulogy. As for Sir Dagonet, Merlyn used herself as bait to free him and she also felt strangely about that use power. Though she was long-lived she enjoyed the freedom of the Knights. Especially the freedom from herself.

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    "I'm... sure you have─" Arthur said, nearly sweating bullets upon realizing that Guin was privy to his glances. He cleared his throat, averting his gaze from Guinevere. He didn't have much else to say about Kolin's situation, if only because he didn't learn much from what Merlyn said. The information he had was what one could expect; Kolin would fail to properly accept her own defeat, and things would go farther south from there. Oh well. One could hope for less innocents to suffer, but at least they knew where to set their gazes.

    Emilia referred to Arthur as a king worth following, in a roundabout way. Ah, wonderful─ more embarrassment for the Holy Sword wielder. "You're too kind," was all he could say in response. Now then, what were they to do? Anything would do to get him out of the current setting. Well... if these people would all follow him, he thought it best to leave Zuria before some act of vengeance fell upon it.

    And so, the journey of the Future Round Table began officially. Where they would go, time would tell. Zuria would be left in the state of disarray Kolin created for it; it wasn't as if there were many people remaining anyway. The few people left in the kingdom were cared for to the best of the knights' ability, and then... they were all gone, leaving a shattered kingdom of ice behind.

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