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    "Hai, though perspective says it depends on how you define long way~" she said happily. Strangely after seeing him, she gained extra insight into the other version of him. She knew that though he wouldn't immediately get to Camelot, he didn't have to deal with growing up in this world a second time and rising to become King in the same way as the current version of Arthur Pendragon. It seemed though this lad was familiar enough with the legends of their home world to be surprised by her appearance. His words would garner a laugh from this white haired young woman and also a gentle bit of teasing. "Ara? You think I'm pretty? Well, I am flattered and all but I don't know if you're my type~" she mused seeming to find it funny for just a moment. Her finger underneath her chin as if she was giving actual consideration to liking the lad in a more than advisory sort of way. "My name is Merlyn, with the 'y', the one you are thinking of may also exist. Maybe not yet, or maybe they already did but... this world is a bit more flexible about such things, it's best if you don't get too hung up on what you know," she said carefully. "Or do, it could be fun for you to try and figure out how your story could play out~" she said with a bit of mocking in her tone. Of course, she knew now the path he had to take, and it was a doozy, but it'd at least be interesting to watch.

    Moving right along she received an answer to her question which wasn't at all what she assumed it would be. Still, she'd answer his questions in reverse order to help him out a bit, also with a bit of teasing. "Ah, mostly brawn then. There is no specific person who brings people over. It's... the world. It chooses and you end up here, at some point in your story and you live the life it set for you. Or rather that you chose for yourself. As for your sisters, I will confirm that you will see them on your journey. And they are as safe as they can be in this world..." she mentioned. About his boss though there was mystery, mostly because she had no idea who such a person could be. "That last one is a bit harder, I don't know who your boss is. I haven't seen that person..." she said softly. Still there was a curiosity and now that she'd answered his questions to the best of her abilities she was going to get her own answered as well. "So, why your boss first? Like what kind of person looks for their employer before their siblings? What do you do? Or rather what does your boss do that you assume you'll find them here?!" she asked suddenly nothing really made sense to her. Most people who showed up in this world from the other, fully immersed into it, they wouldn't have cared about their former levels of employment nor their bosses. Then again, given this lad's words he expected his boss to be here. What kind of person's boss played video games enough to end up in this world? There were too many questions she didn't have an answer to.

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    The definition of the 'long way' as a matter of perspective, was at least something worth thinking about. The way he saw it, it didn't really matter. His kingdom would come eventually, and the journey to it was something worth looking forward to─ especially if his goals were met along the way. Arthur could imagine the expression of his boss and sisters when he offered them a recreation of Camelot to live in, if this was not something they were able to come back from. As he thought about this, though, he also had to consider the fact that one of his sisters had a very similar character design to his own. In fact, they had once agreed to create twins to match their actual selves. She disappeared some time ago, so what if...

    Well, that wasn't worth thinking too much about! The same could be said about the physical appeal of this Merlyn, as she insisted, though Arthur found himself a bit bashful as she pointed out his mention of her attractive features. "Honest compliment. Don't take it as me coming onto you. You seem far from my type as well," he declared. Shortly afterwards, he would be receiving incredible information. No person was involved with the disappearances of many who played Age of Eternity, but instead... the world itself? That sounded utterly ridiculous, but, so did the idea of being teleported into a video game. "This isn't just some uploaded brain thing though, is it? Bodies have gone missing, so... what? Am I supposed to believe this is all real? Like an anime or something?"

    Arthur didn't need to know specifically that his sisters were safe. He knew that if there was any chance of them being together, they were together. They could each survive on their own, and just as he trusted them to survive and find one another, he trusted his ability to find them eventually. He wasn't pressed for time when it came to them, but that brought their conversation back to the matter of... his boss. "My sisters will always be fine. Just as easily as I managed to pull this sword, they can all take the world by storm if they please. As for my boss... she's the one I'm looking for, because she went missing while I wasn't looking. I come back to see this game on, and knowing my sisters also played, I decided to finally delve into it and find out what the connection in disappearances was through experience. This isn't what I expected at all, but that's fine. As long as I can make sure she's safe, maybe I can either bring her back, or make sure her dad ─ my employer ─ has nothing to worry about. Knowing we're here now though, I want to assume she's fine as well."

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    "Oh? Then my powers don't fully work on you. That's probably for the best~" she said seeming to find this entire situation way too amusing. It was often said that those with a certain kind of existence could easily resist the wiles of those who bore the same kind of heritage that Merlyn did. Beyond this point though, it seemed Arthur indeed wasn't all brawn, he thought through this situation enough for him to understand that it wasn't simply an out of body experience. "Sou ka, I didn't expect your type to be that much of a nerd. Yes, all of it is real... it's best to think of it that way. Not a video game one... but a different one. The mechanics of the game seem to exist by the will of the world, but..." she paused making a random hand gesture at the world at large. "Think about it like the world is being formed not just by you our new protagonist, but by every protagonist both living and dead... and every villain as well," she said to help clarify the situation, still it was left a bit vague. Vague was for the best after all, she couldn't have him too hung up on the details when he needed to do several jobs, some of which he may not find as likeable as he might think.

    Moving right along, the lad explained his thinking. He claimed that his sisters could have taken this world just like he took the sword from the stone. A knowing smirk came to Merlyn's face, this lad had no idea how right he was... On the matter of his actual boss, apparently it wasn't really 'her' he worried about, but instead his employer. He wanted to guarantee the lass' supposed safety because she'd gone missing while he wasn't looking. Still it seemed quite strange to her, that he would manage to care about something like that after being transported into another world. Still, it was somewhat admirable, but that wouldn't get him anywhere without a bit of teasing. "Hm? Worried about what a girl's dad will do if you messed up on your job... Does that make you a body guard or something? I mean if you can already fight this whole thing will be a lot easier..." she said giving a little nod. "As for your boss, if she's rich enough to need a bodyguard, she likely wouldn't struggle here much at all. Considering how much stuff you can buy to make the game easier, she's likely in no real danger. If you have any idea what she played like, I might be able to help you look into that situation as well..." she offered. As his guide this was her job, of course, but she'd also enjoy meeting some new people after being stuck in this godforsaken parish for so long. Of course, getting out of this parish was no easy feat, the direction she wished to travel would mean that they had to get past a certain giant monster cat thing. If he could fight, they could do so successfully. The only thing that kept her from slaying the creature herself was the knowledge that it belonged in Arthur's legend.

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    "Powers?" Arthur questioned without a second thought, but was quick to move on as if he didn't truly care. Obviously, this world had powers; Merlyn even confirmed it functioning in ways similar to the video game. He surely could have gone without being referred to as a 'nerd' of some sort, though that didn't matter much either. What mattered, was what had to be done to persist in this alternate reality of sorts. "Every hero, every villain. That's all I need to know; just point me to where I need to point this," he said, brandishing his blade with every intention of having it used relatively soon.

    Merlyn's assumption about his job was pretty spot-on, in all honesty. He could be considered a bodyguard, among many other things that would classify as secondary jobs. "Bodyguard, butler, personal chef at times, chauffeur... etcetera~" he chimed. He was more than capable as a fighter in the other world, and this sword of his seemed perfectly balanced in his hand. All would be fine, at least against humanoid enemies. Anything else would be a learning experience. "I'm sure she's alright, as long as her start wasn't a horrible one. She might be rich, but she's not the type who would have spent much, if any money on the game. Assuming she's fine, she's probably filthy rich in this world already. Nothing to worry about; let's just move on and do... whatever it is you're expecting me to do."

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    This man seemed to catch on pretty quickly, that was probably for the best. It would have been more difficult to explain so much in such a short amount of time. After all, they were headed towards a mountain pass which seemed to be swirling with large blizzard in place. Still, Merlyn herself seemed unaffected by by the now plummeting temperatures. It would seem they were headed for a certain new place and she would continue explaining on the way, even with the lad brandishing his weapon. "Yeah yeah, well we are coming up on the place, but I have good news and bad news. The good news is, you're going to have some monster slaying adventures," she said with a happy chuckle.

    She was then content to let the bad news build in the moment. Apparently, this lad was employed as a catch all. In this current world he would have been called a 'manservant' but for him to work for a girl likely made that sound a bit sketchier than it had to be. Still, he was well on his way to house-husband material if he had that many skills under his belt. "Oh? All of those things... I didn't know boys came with home skills in our world. I've apparently been missing out~" she chimed finding the entire situation to be rather funny. Of course, his speech about his supposed boss made her more curious and not less. What kind of actual girl who could, wasn't spending money in a game like this. And how did he make the assumption she was already rich again? Unless... making money was her skill... ah, she'd go asking about the branches of banks eventually and find out if such a person existed. Even if the lad claimed he wasn't worried, bad starts in this world weren't that uncommon. It was possible the girl could have fallen to her own choices, or the bad influences of any random player. Such things were as always in the back of this girl's mind.

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    "Monster slaying, huh?" he questioned. Well, if he was going to get experience with the inhuman at some point, the beginning was as good a time as any. He knew how to deal with humans from his life experiences, but magic and monsters were a new matter entirely. Ah, but Merlyn said there was good news as well as bad. Strangely... she never mentioned the bad news. "If killing monsters is the good news, do I really want the bad? I'm more concerned about the fact that you're not mentioning the bad, than I probably would be by the news itself. . ."

    He hardly cared what type of task was ahead, and there were few bad things he could be worried about, so long as his sisters and charge were alright in this world. As he'd only recently mentioned, he had all the skills necessary to make due, provided he also proved capable of dealing with something like monsters. Apparently, Merlyn found it strange that a male had what would be considered 'household' skills. "Everyone should be able to care for themselves, and at least one other. My family is... very focused on being capable," he stated. The closer they got to this strange blizzard ahead, the more certain differences in these two began to show. Most specifically, Merlyn seemed fine from the moment Arthur lifted his hood, all the way to the moment he was holding his own arms and exhaling clouds of breath through slightly-trembling lips.

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    "Yes, you... our darling Future King are a monster-slayer and righter of wrongs..." she mentioned with a happy smile. Merlyn still hadn't mentioned what the bad news was yet, but it was a doozy. In the store a large pair of eyes opened, noting every step being taken forward. A cat the size of a large castle, began to move, rustling a little as those large glowing eyes opened in the distance and began looking for a target. "Oh? A bit too clever eh? Well, the bad news is... " she paused for dramatic effect. "That creature known as Cath Palug has killed 180 warriors and knights before you..." she a bit of a grim turn on her words. "But surely you won't be 181 and send me back to waiting in that shithole of a town. Gambare~" she mentioned. Her own ability to leave in the direction she needed to go, was directly tied to the success of Arthur. As such, it was in her best interest to make sure he succeeded. "That being said you should have the necessary skills to kill most things. Just remember, your powers are unique to you. Use them as you will... they aren't buttons here... but feelings~" she explained. "Also saying them pure weeb style helps most out initially, unless your skills are passive. Then in general they will activate themselves without you having to think about it consciously. There are a few exceptions but that covers the basics!~" she concluded.

    According to this lad who was apparently freezing, his family was rather focused on being capable. He apparently held the belief that one should be able to take care of at least themselves and one other. Again, how strangely admirable. "Hm, strange family. But I suppose I know a few of those..." she said softly. She took note of the lad's apparently chill and decided he did need at least one thing before she allowed him into this battle. "You look a little chilly that can't be good..." she mentioned, and within her hand before him bloomed a lotus flower. It wasn't really a flower but it was an magical enchantment, meant to help his body resist the extreme cold. Which it would need a while they fought here and moved forward. "If you apply this to your armor, you'll not freeze to death out here~" she mentioned. "I'd do it quickly though... that little beasty is awake now~" she said. As if on cue a huge step was taken and it shook the ground around it, even through the now piling snow which should have muffled it a bit. A large white and gold cat with golden eyes and a lion like-mane stood before lowering its shoulders as if it intended to run or pounce. It left itself in full view, it had no fear and beyond that looked amused like a cat finding a new toy.

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    "Fair enough. I'll just add it to my resume, I guess," the male quipped. Merlyn went on to tell him the 'bad' news, which wasn't too bad at all in Arthur's mind. Cath Palug was a name he recognized, and though this world was real, so was his sword. It had great power─ he could feel it feeding into his arm as he held the weapon. If King Arthur of legend could get the job done, so could he. "I think I've got the feelings part covered. This Excalibur has made me feel pretty good since I first touched it."

    180 was, of course, a frightening number to overcome. What were those warriors, though? In a town like this, he could only imagine at least some of them entered combat with the beast, having less than a single day of proper training to do battle against anything. Arthur had an edge over at least some of them, and the legendary Excalibur was yet another bonus. Onward he went, feeling the vibration of some beast's movement even through his armored feet. Snow and ice fell in clumps from nearby trees; this was something massive indeed. With the goal of victory in mind, he set his gaze forward, his trembling reducing to just the arm which held Excalibur. He wouldn't be taking the lotus offered by Merlyn just yet. "Pass. Not to be cocky or give any offense, but I doubt I'll make it anywhere if I need help like that on the first thing I do. I'd be out of a job if I let that happen, and worse yet... I'd have to deal with her."

    And with that, Arthur steeled himself for combat. Inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, he stared down this hulking beast of a cat, seemingly no less prepared to pounce than it was. Even so, he made no immediate moves. He'd never been much of a proactive fighter, but due to his job, that was perfect. Just the same, he personally found it perfect in this exact moment. This new beast was something to be studied; he couldn't haphazardly assault an unknown monster of any sort, just to be swatted away and splattered against a tree several kilometers off. Patience was his approach here, just as it was in his normal life.

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    Fast-learner indeed, she'd make a king of him yet. It was already the case that he had an understanding of his weapon and his potential as a fighter. These were good things, perhaps this wasn't a good first trial by the markers of most, but Merlyn wasn't most. She was a navigator on the sea of destiny, she couldn't afford to pull any punches. Besides that, if she wussed out and let him take easy fights, she'd be bored to death. What was more, this lad had a bit of grit to him as well. She'd offered him a bit of reprieve which he obviously could have benefited from, but alas the lad had strange words to share with her. Apparently he couldn't accept the one caveat she would have offered, for the sake of his own pride, for not losing that job, and apparently for not having to deal with someone in particular. "Sou ka, well..." she paused taking a seat atop her staff and hovering just off the ground like a witch on a broom. "If your fingers freeze off, I'm not putting them back on~" she teased gently. She then made eye contact with the large cat creature who'd stayed watching the pair as if studying itself.

    She gave a little wave and winked and then removed herself from this particular equation. After all, it was her job to guide and record, not necessarily her place to interfere. All the while this large cat creature moved its bottom backward and prepared. Much like the lad himself its entire body went completely still for quite a few seconds, and it seemed to just stare. It was obviously a clever creature, who knew who his target was and what it needed to do. It would soon pounce, closing the distance between Arthur and himself in a single bound and swipe, with claws larger than human bodies. These aimed to shred the lad in a single instance turning his own body into a ribbon of bone and meat. It was a very straight forward creature aside from the still swirling storm which they were in.

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    "Noted! I'll try to keep the frostbite at bay~" said Arthur as his final words to Merlyn. Since she decided to make herself scarce, he came to the realization that he could fight without worry. Well, he was quite sure she was no cause for concern as a bystander anyway, considering how casually she guided him to fight a giant beast─ her magic likely could have decimated it in moments. Either way, there was now nothing but Arthur and the massive feline.

    One hand clearly wouldn't do against this monster. Slowly, Arthur reached over to grip the hilt of Excalibur with both hands, keeping it readied at his side. There was a stillness shared between Cath Palug and Arthur, only broken by the former's movement. The slight tremble Arthur felt in his arm intensified, but it wasn't a response to the cold anymore. Now, it was anticipation, even a hint of fear. He was up against something no human should ever be able to fathom, in a world he believed should never have happened. That thing... was leaping at him, as if he were a small toy for its amusement─ one that would be shattered in the earliest stages of playtime.

    Focus. If there was one thing he needed, it was focus. Somehow, Arthur found such a thing coming to him with greater ease than ever before. Strangely, he was already having a far easier time than he expected. This beast moved at incredible speed, yet it seemed capable of being followed. He would find that his own movements came with much greater ease as well, as his attempt to leap away from Cath Palug's swiping paw flung him farther than he intended to move. 'Woah!' he thought, having to right himself by extending his legs to rebound off a nearby tree. In the end, he actually managed to throw himself back over the moving paw before it finished its sweep through the air. "Alright. Hang on. Time out!" he chanted. Perhaps he should have considered earlier that he would be some amount of superhuman in this world─

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