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    Adventures in Three Worlds

    Fate of Three Worlds

    A Tale of Two Shut-ins (Prologue) Shibuya 1-10
    Begin your journey with our two protagonists, carrying on in the various forms of their shut-in life. Both from very different walks of life, both equally lonely. They find themselves face to face with a game known as Age of Eternity. The brainchild of a local gaming enterprenuer surrounded by creepy pastas and urban legends. The game is a mystery and if you ask the wrong person, so immersive it sucks you in.

    Adventure 1: Our Life as Isekai Protagonists Eonis 1-101
    If you woke up in the world of a video game, what would you do? The answer to this question is age old, but for our protagonists the answer is simple, grind up and get ready for the adventure of a life time. But what happens when the decisions you make the second time around, are very different from the first time? What happens when all your hard work is reset? What do you do, starting life over from such a strange point? Follow along as our protagonists gain their footing in a new world.

    Adventure 2: Of Dwarves and Lizardmen Dwargon 1-194
    Our protagonists find themselves entering into a warzone, between Dwarves and Lizardmen. A silent 3rd party is also present here and only through their political maneuvering can the skirmish be settled and true war be avoided. At the same time, they have to navigate something new to them both... feelings. The more time they spend together, the more our protagonists seem to move closer. A single moment immortalized in their memories, a celebration of their bonds.

    Adventure 3: Titania's Labyrinth The Fairy Forest 1-101
    To find what is left for them, our protagonists find themselves deep within the Fairy Forest. Escorted by the Queen herself they have to conquer a great puzzle known as the Labyrinth. Here they will encounter Titania, a familiar face from the game known as AoE but how different is this world from the game they remember? As our Hero's move through the forest, they find out more about each other. They learn of the heights and limitations of this new world and their own abilities within. And they find tangible confirmation, that they aren't the only ones who've been transported to this new world. How will this affect their progress? What will they do as they move forward?

    Adventure 4: The Negligent Princess The Kingdom of Eonis 102-219
    Our Protagonists return to Eonis to acquire their weapons and find the Kingdom in decline. How did such a thing happen... and what can they do to help? They soon find themselves working by hand to fix these problems, including running into a Princess who lacks the sight to see what is happening before her. The poor have suffered and the rich stuff their faces, but this causes an interesting problem. Our heroes find themselves at slightly different ends of the same problem... will this change how they view each other? Will they be able to fix the problems created by this 'Princess'? Will they ever get to have a quiet meal?!

    Adventure 5: Do Dragons Dream of Lizard Sheep? Marsh Kingdom 1-174
    What happens when someone get's to live a life within this world that wasn't uniquely their own? We find out as our heroes face their greatest challenge yet. Will they rise to the occasion or will this level of difficulty require something new? Steps taken along this treacherous road will lead to the rise of a civilization and its gods. How will our heroes handle this? And what about the Hacker's intentions? What way will this brand new storyline play our for a group who'd never undertaken it before?

    Adventure 6: The Return of the King?! The Negligent Princess Redux The Kingdom of Eonis 220-273
    Our Protagonists return to the Kingdom of Enois with an enhanced party and find it slightly better than it was last time. It's still a far cry from a 'thriving just' kingdom. On the road to the palace a would be Knights Apprentice implores the group for help. Will this spunky girl get the recognition she longs for? Will we find the Princess in a better position than she was originally? What will happen as interpersonal relationships become slightly more complicated by the day?

    Adventure 7: A Druid, A Celestial and an Egg Grasslands 1-44
    Our Protagonists need better transportation, they decide to breed for themselves a creature with the right attributes for the job. All the while, their newest crew members are plotting against them in the best way. Gentle hints have been growing between this pair for a while... but it also becomes obvious this pair are far from properly socialized. Are they meant to be a couple? The group dynamic intensifies as our heroes become parents in the most nonconventional way.

    Adventure 8: Chicken Run! Dragon Lagoon Beach 1-124
    It's a... Beach Episode! Yep, every solid story puts our heros together scantily clad for hijinks of the summer variety. In the case of our Heroes they find themselves wandering a beach once the nesting grounds of a pair of Dragons. The energy here the riptides in the water, are the perfect place to raise their new pet. But when the would be simple adventure goes horribly wrong, even a normal beach trip becomes a window into a much greater adventure!~

    Adventure 9: Miki and Kou's Undersea Adventure! Atlantis 1-325
    An undersea adventure. A kingdom run by a slothful Queen, and a familiar face. A beautiful place with undertones of evil dusted all around. Our Heroes are confronted by atrocities even war and famine could have prepared them for. They must take this place from a disgusting underbelly of filth and intolerance to a thriving kingdom of tolerance and understanding. It won't be an easy task, and they see the worst of humanity here, but they also see glimmers of the best it can have to offer. In addition they face a mysterious illness which puts them in the gravest danger imaginable. What will our heroes do when their partner faces down death for the first time? What happens when the death of a player is true death?!

    Adventure 9.5 Hikari, Karna & The Witch of the Black Forest The Black Forest 1-16
    In order to help our heroes, Hikari and Karna find themselves exploring the depths of the Black Forest. Here they meet a witch who has the answer to all their problems, but what does she want in exchange for the gift of life? Well it isn't like there is a price this pair wouldn't pay to see their leaders well. Follow this pair as they spend days traveling while the wrongs of Atlantis are righted by our Heroes.

    Adventure 9.8: Miki and Kou's Undersea Adventure - A Conclusory Tale Atlantis 326-629
    Atlantis is the Utopia it was always meant to be, but what of our Heroes? Their brushes with death have lead to new revelations in both of them, and inspired the courage necessary to go beyond what would be considered normal limitations. They move towards the ultimate conclusion as Valentines Day and White Day set the stage for their partnership to reach the next level. But what happens when two anti-social people try and bare themselves to one another? The answer, the most awkward progress to be witnessed by anyone in quite a while. Still, with progress within their grasp will they reach out and take it, or fall back into the comfort of the friendzone?

    Interlude: Royal Flush Uruk 1-51
    A troubled King wakes from a nap to find that a certain creature once more walks the earth. A Queen is sought for her council and Knight is sought for his skills. Too many questions and not enough answers. A peek into the lower world is necessary, a missing knight will need to be found. Among many other things mystery swirls as a certain evil goddess is spoken of in hushed whispers. As each undertakes their next big task... perhaps a glimmer of hope shines int he world.

    Adventure 10: It's Gonna be a Montage
    An adventure which separates our Heroes for the first time since the prologue. Both have their own paths to follow to seek the best possible outcome for the future. What conclusions will these solo adventures bring? What kind of new information will be found? Each of them is prepared to see their own path through for the sake of the group, but what kind of developments have their hearts experienced since the weight of what happened in Atlantis?

    Adventure 10:1 - Miki's Homecoming The Migrating Vale 1-78
    Miki goes back to the Migrating Vale, the home of the Druids to complete her training. But what should be a set of simple tasks is being made harder by various events of the world. A dead tainted Elf, a Ghost and the door to the underworld left open. The young Druid is forced to take on a series of tests which will set right the wrongs of the world, while feeling a new pang deep within her heart. What could this mean? And what will come of this new feeling once she returns to their group?

    Adventure 10:2 - Kou's Witcher Training Kaer Morhen 1-95
    Kou and Hikari find themselves at the home of the Witchers, where the former plans to undergo training after wrecking the mortal aspect of his body. But all is not as it seems. The lad is accosted, faces the accusatory stares of the people within the valley of plenty as well as meeting a humble bard along the way. What will come of Kou and Hikari's adventures and what dark secrets are hidden beneath the surface of the valley of plenty?

    Adventure 11: Demon's Run The Kingdom of Eonis 274-301
    Our Heroes reunite after a long separation, but are barely able to get through their first introduction before terror strikes once more. The Kingdom is overrun, the King has returned and brought demons with him. In the wake of this mess, there is once more a need for separation. Two different paths must be taken to ensure victory but what does this mean for the budding relationship of our heroes? Will fake romances replace the real one that has barely started? Will the Negligent Princess finally come to terms with her 'faults'. And what of the Knight of the Roundtable who finds himself in the middle of the fray?!

    Adventure 11:1 The Bishop, the Knight and the Negligent Princess The Kingdom of Eonis 302-318
    Hikari takes charge of defending the Kingdom of Eonis from the Demonic Horde. She charges ahead into battle after formulating a plan and finds herself being helped along by a Knight of the Round Table. His descent from unknown reasons but he'll help out the group in place of the missing Madoka. What will come of a Church in the middle of town, will the Demons converge or will they emerge victorious.

    Adventure 11:2 The Lost Prince Grasslands 45-64
    Miki seeks out the company of a wanderer in the grasslands. What kind of likeness will this pair share? Will he accompany her back to reclaim his Kingdom, does he hope to gain more?!
    Adventure 11:3 The Absent Princess The Black Forest 17-27
    Kou goes to the Black Forest to seek out the former Crowned Princess of Eonis. Aerona is a girl who has more than practically given up her crown in the hopes of exploring her own person. Will she be lured back to royalty with the idea she might have someone worthy to rule beside her? Does she really care about taking care of her people? Will her father's training ruin her good nature? Only time will tell...

    Adventure 11:4 For the Good of the Kingdom 319-338
    A task has to be undertaken and it involves a game plan being made. One of our heroes will reach a new height with a new class to show for their actions. But will this new form be enough to guarantee victory? Will they be able to join lost brother and sister and forge them into a ruling unit. A test run is necessary and the first thing they need on their side was the long forsaken people.

    Adventure 11:5 A Shielded City Shieldfreeden 1-11
    In Shieldfreeden, Hikari communes with her Dragon Hourglass, while Aeronius and Aerona try their best to persuade the disenfrachised Demi-Humans to fight for their cause. How will this pair work together to achieve their goal? Who will be able to fight for their freedom? Will this city of freedom help of their own volition?

    Adventure 11:6 Eonis Conquered The Kingdom of Eonis 339-395
    The climax of their Adventure is upon them. What will happen as the battle ensues between the young rulers of Eonis and the demonic form of their father? Will they emerge victorious or will Eonis fall to the error of its former ruler? Can they right the wrongs of the past? Or will every plan put together by our Heroes fall apart?!

    Adventure 12: Sky-faring Dragon Ship The Grandcypher 1-136
    Our Adventurers undertake their Maiden Voyage on their new ship the Grandcypher. This Maiden Voyage is special in more ways than one, as some serious alone time. But will it be enough to spark their budding relationship into full bloom? Sailing in the skies can surely come with good experiences too? How will live aboard a ship treat our fair adventurers?

    Adventure 13: A Taste of Home Ryozanpaku 1-143
    A Japanese style land which seems to have some strange problems. Four independently ruled areas are full of Youkai. A place lacking unification even the coin is off, but our Adventurers are becoming closer and closer as they travel around a land so familiar and so different. Only the rise of a certain trio of Monsters will make this place great once more, but what they have to go through to make these monsters rise is something extreme. Will these new faces be something worth following? Will their blossoming relationship be stomped out before it starts?

    Adventure 14: Breakfast and Planning The Grandcypher 137-195
    Breakfast is served not long after the Sandaiyoukai rise for the first time in hundreds of years. Soon after, a bit of alone time between our Heroes leads to some rather scandalous activities. Even in the face of a new challenge, it seems their relationship cannot be properly stopped. How long until they reach the highest scale? What is their ultimate goal? Are these two shut-ins about to reach a new level?

    Adventure 15: Dragons, Demons and Gods Ryozanpaku 144-415
    What happens when three of the greatest forms of life are combined into a singular creature? It tries to take over everything. Our Heroes are faces with a semi-impossible task, forced to try and unite warring factions against a common enemy. Every available hand is necessary to get the work together. Though it all they will try their best to see this area through even if it means working with a player killer to find out everything necessary. The whole of the world takes to answering their wishes and their adventures will continue, even across space.

    Adventure 16: Greedy Wrath Shibuya 11-178
    A boy who wishes to be found and a girl who wishes to find, are back where their adventure started, but with new knowledge. They seek each other in the strangest way possible. As they move closer and closer to each other they find strange influences from their adventure littering their home world. What will it take for this pair to meet each other? What will they have to go through to find private time. Can their relationship survive who they are as real people? The world they thought they'd left behind, is the one where their adventure begins anew...

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    The Fate of Three Worlds: Divergent Fate

    While our Heroes are back home on their own world, the world of AoE is alive and well. Still turning and moving towards some unknown event, a different protagonist becomes the focus. A boy who seeks, searches for his employer and his sisters, and finds instead a world he didn't believe existed. The Age of Eternity has become a new life for a lad once renowned as a personal assistant. He is claimed to be something much greater than before. Can he live up to this new worlds expectations? Will his adventures have a negative effect on our Heroes' Journey? Every thread of fate is being weaved together but to what end?

    A Wizard, A Boy and a Sword in a Stone (Prologue) Saint Paul's Cathedral 1-33
    Falling? A boy falls into a cathedral to find the townsfolk trying to remove the sword from the stone. He was chasing a different idea, his missing employer and his missing sisters, and instead he found himself in a world based on a video game. Little does he know, this world is quite real and the legend he based himself on, is something very real here. He must undertake his new life as Arthur Pendragon, the Future King of Camelot, under the guidance of Merlyn he will adventure to try and find the answers he seeks.

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