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Thread: [12th Division Captain] Kumori Mōryōmaru

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    [12th Division Captain] Kumori Mōryōmaru

    Personal Profile

    Name: Kumori Mōryōmaru
    Age: 8000
    Height: 123cm | 6'0"
    Weight: 68kg | 150lbs
    Hair Style/Color: White hair worn cut short around his face but down his back to below his waist.
    Eye Color: Lavender
    Mōryōmaru wears a robe woven with the finest fabrics, though he still looks modest. His haori is hooded and has several embelishments on the front. Underneath he wears his a modified version of the shinigami shihakusho which includes a form-fitted sleeveless top and hakuma with golden star shaped stripes along the fronts. He also ears black and golden boots to complete his look. Behind his ears are two kenseiken in the form of open four sided flower petals, and seems to be a signature of Mōryōmaru.


    • Mōryōmaru is considered a genius of his time, and is the founding President of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute.
    • He became a widower after the birth of his youngest and only daughter, and as such he poured himself into her developments.
    • It is unknown his motivations behind starting the SRDI but he was shown to have created a great many things which were subsequently banned from usage.
    • Mōryōmaru lived through several of Benitsubaki's reincarnations.
    • He is technically the reason behind the start of the Seireitei Civil War, which tore his family apart.
    • Before anything negative happened, he was known to be a devoted father, inspirational member of the Gotei and a peerless leader.

    Combat Profile

    Division: 12th Division
    Rank: Captain

    Powers & Abilities

    Kidō Master: His knowledge of Kidō is so great, he can perform them by only calling out their names while retaining their great potential power, whereas most users require part of the incantation to do so, if not a full incantation. Mōryōmaru can produce immensely powerful barriers to protect him from all but the strongest of attacks, and create blasts that cause a tremendous amount of destruction in the area they are fired in. He can use multiple Kidō in conjunction for various combination and diversion tactics, and have them remain undetected until sprung in sync in a chain reaction. He can create his own unique high-level Kidō, and has extensive knowledge of forbidden techniques such as time and space manipulation. He has also show the ability to strengthen already cast spells by speaking their incantation afterwards.

    Genius Intellect: Arguably, the most fearsome trait of Mōryōmaru is his tremendous intellect. He is well-versed in the history and proceedings of the world and is privy to knowledge unknown to many, such as secret methods. He easily grabs the concepts of subjects completely new to him and masters them quickly. Even in the most complex and dangerous of situations Mōryōmaru can rely on his calculating intellect to figure out the best course of action. His assessment of a situation is swift, ad-hoc and accurate, allowing him to deduce the nature of other people’s abilities and countering them, often only requiring a few instances of observation.

    Gifted Manipulator: Mōryōmaru has shown himself to be a cunning man. He is able to deceive and manipulate others around him in different ways for a variety of purposes. He has a talent for analyzing and observing people in his presence, allowing him to understand a person's pattern of thinking and better manipulate them. His plans for others often include gentle hints, true or false, to get people to do what he wants. He is also a good provocateur, very adept at finding people’s mental weak spots and then provoking them with petty discussions and word plays. Despite this he is capable to hide his true demeanor, hiding the truth about him from other people.

    Master Strategist & Tactician: With his vast experience as a commander and a warrior, Mōryōmaru is a man of great tactical acumen. His tactical insight is proven by his preparations for the battle; which includes setting traps or leadings his enemies along complex battle plans. He can seamlessly adjust to new developments and make quick decisions accordingly. He understands the strengths, weaknesses and mannerisms of his enemies and uses them to his advantage. His sense of stratagem goes unopposed when he expertly moves large hosts onto the battlefield. Like this Mōryōmaru can prepare victory many steps in advance and even incorporate his enemies and their plans into his grand scheme. Regardless of his own powers or those of others, Mōryōmaru always remains a tactically cautious.

    Master Scientist: Mōryōmaru is a very talented inventor and scientist, having created a number of sophisticated devices and techniques to aid him in battle or otherwise. His intellect in this field is evident, as he is able to create and invent even the most incredible devices in Soul Society. He is a great asset to any development bureau as his input and presence can greatly speed up the development of new ideas into concrete applications. He is also a proficient chemist, being able to recreate nearly any chemical formula and invent new ones. He is also able to build advanced machines from seemingly simplistic materials and improvise on them.

    Overwhelming Reiatsu: Being one of the strongest and most experienced Captains, Mōryōmaru possesses an exceedingly powerful Reiatsu. Its sheer strength is enough to break free from the strongest bonds in seconds. His Reiatsu induces striking fear into fighters possessing a great amount of Reiatsu and can paralyze those possessing a High Reiatsu simply by staring into their direction. Not in 1,000 years has a warrior been born more powerful than he. It can directly oppose an immense amount of Reiatsu of others and tip the scales in his favor, it can even negate the effects of their abilities, if he exerts it. When at its peak, his spiritual power can be felt around the world.

    Immense Strength: He is strong enough to stop even powerful attacks, when the opponent is weakened even stopping their releases with a single hand and likely end the fight with a single swing. Likewise he can also inflict tremendous damage with his bare hands, even to releases of weaker opponents. His strength is described as being ‘scary’, a fearsome weapon in its own right which can dictate the conditions of battle. He can fend of huge weapons with only one hand and easily cleave highly durable armor with a single strike.

    Immense Speed: Mōryōmaru is deceptively fast in combat, even when just leaping. His legs can propel him fast enough to surprise even fast opponents. He can instantly close huge gaps relying on his innate speed alone, appearing to disappear from sight completely. He is fast enough to react to most surprise attacks and masterfully deliver a counter to them. In battle, he can strike with incredible speed in rapid succession, making it highly difficult for his opponents to find an opening and counterattack.

    Enhanced Endurance: Mōryōmaru has enhanced physical stamina, allowing him to endure the hardships of battle for an extended length of time without slowing down. Only when utilizing high speed movement for an extended amount of time will he start to slow down significantly. Even when he has received an injury he can keep going without severe consequence to his battle scheme.

    Enhanced Durability: Mōryōmaru's body has received significant battle-conditioning and can take large amounts of punishment. He can take frequent unarmed attacks from weaker individuals on his body and come out unscathed, or with little consequence if not laugh about it instead.

    Hohō Master: Mōryōmaru is highly proficient in evasion in close quarters, as well as from a distance, thus making hitting him almost impossible for all but the most advanced combatant. He moves so fast that opponents commonly do not know of his movements until after he has made them, and is skilled enough in his movements to evade at high speeds, even when being attacked from behind.

    Zanjutsu Master: Mōryōmaru is a master of swordsmanship, possessing flawless precision and performing lethal attacks with little effort. All of his strikes are powerful with equally impressive speed behind them. He can perform attacks with perfect precision and stop them in an instant. His skill in swordsmanship is great enough that he rarely requires even his Shikai in battle. His swordplay is at a level of skill that would be expected of a Captain.

    Hakuda Master: Mōryōmaru's skills are great enough to force some of the greatest melee fighters at their peak to fight seriously during combat. He has proven to be quite aggressive as well as highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat. He demonstrates his skill and agility in this area by launching devastating attacks without laying a finger on his Zanpakutō. Facing armed opponents is no problem whatsoever for him, as his skills make his every limb a lethal weapon by itself.

    Basic Healer: Mōryōmaru has a basic knowledge of Kaidō and associated techniques. He is able to after a few moments of observation assess minor injuries are and take the proper action to stabilize them by starting to repair a person’s Reiatsu, perhaps heal simple injuries over time. He also possesses the skills to apply the basic Reihai techniques, the first eight, to tackle common battlefield injuries. He may also assess more serious injuries which lie beyond his capabilities to repair.

    Enhanced Senses not only can Mōryōmaru utilize the normal Reiatsu sensing technique of a Shinigami, he is also in posession of superior other senses. His sight, hearing, sense of smell and even his feel for Reiatsu are very acute and sharp; able to discern smaller sources and nuances where others could not.

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    Meisekimu (明晰夢, Lucid Dream) In its sealed state is that of a shorter ceremonial blade with a sheathe decorated by cranes and clouds befitting of one of the Kumori. When drawn the straight blade as an uncanny shimmer, like it holds something within that is barely tangible. During its time within the Soul Society, Meisekimu was hailed as an untouchable Zanpakuto.

    Shikai: Its release command is Temaneku (手招く, Beckon). Upon its release, Meisekimu takes the shape of a curved black stave with several ribbons wrapped around it. It has several gold decorations in the center including the sheath that holds the shortened form of his previous blade. Beyond this at its very tip is a twisted crystal like spike which can be used to stab or otherwise injure persons within in range of the staff.


    • Shikai Special Ability: Meisekimu's special ability is called 侵入 Shin'nyū (Invasion), and it allows Mōryōmaru to manipulate the memories of other people in a finite manner after his energy has made contact with their being. This ability can be used offensively or defensively as Mōryōmaru wishes in order to gain him advantages or disadvantages in battle. Invasion's memory control is so acute that it tricks all senses into believing the altered memories.

      Sensaku no Hikari (Prying Light) : A basic form of energy like blast, it is shot from the staff the man uses as a weapon and can penetrate armor and weapons to make contact with an individual. If this light touches a person it gives Mōryōmaru the ability to infiltrate the minds of others. He can use this as an access point, allowing him to manipulate the memories of others or even to view them.

      Daiteiden (Black Out) : A form of energy manipulation in which a great burst of energy is spread out from Mōryōmaru. Any caught within the blast are immediately rendered unconscious for a specific amount of time. It has been noted, that those with the ability to control the release of their Reiatsu, might only experience a temporary loss of their senses instead. At its weakest point, a person will lose sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch before they are ultimately made unconscious. If not rendered completely out, a person who has been affected by Black Out can be affected by others of Mōryōmaru's abilities, so long as he alters the memories of their remaining senses specifically.

      Gen'ei Teien (Phantom Garden) : The most offensive technique of Meisekimu's shikai form, it allows Mōryōmaru to create real illusions, by altering someone's memory of the space around them. By implanting in their minds an image of an object or place, Mōryōmaru is able to trick their senses into believing the place or object is real. It is an inescapable illusion because even if one knows that the object isn't real, their body's senses will tell them it is, and thus make it impossible to move past or around. This can be used by him to hide his real techniques, or even to create obstacles or distractions for opponents. It can make them believe friends are foes, and vice-versa because of its finesse. This ability can be applied to as few as a single person or can be spread across as wide an area as he presently as influence over.

    Bankai: Tsukisenu Meisekimu (尽きせぬ明晰夢, Everlasting Lucid Dream)

    • Bankai Special Ability: Tsukisenu Meisekimu's special ability remains Shin'nyū (Invasion) but its application becomes even greater. The number of individuals he can affect with it is no longer finite, but instead limitless within a specific area of influence. Basically he can affect the memories of every individual within an area as wide as the Seireitei without having to try to do so. He can force a shift in the memories of his own creation altering events of everyone's pasts to suit his own needs. He can still use the abilities of his shikai in this form but their area of effect increases to the scale of the Bankai.

      Kieyuku Higan (Vanishing Equinox) : An ability which allows Tsukisenu Meisekimu to protect itself from being discovered. When it is used, it completely wipes the most recent memories of those around it. This is done so that no one can ever figure out how the Zanpakuto actually functions. It happens when the eyes of the affected close for the first time after it has been invoked. And in the blink of an eye the knowledge of the most recent happenings vanish from their minds.

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