Name: Ryūhō
Age: 0 | Appears 14
Gender: Male
Race: Calamity Child (Humanoid Dragon-Devil Hybrid)

Ranking: Low-Class Devil | Rook

Powers & Abilities:

Rozan Shōryūha (廬山昇龍覇 Rozan Rising Dragon Lord): Ryūhō intensifies his demonic energy and gives an upward blow be it punch or kick. The upward release of energy is comparable to the image of a majestic dragon rising towards the sky. This energy violently strikes the opponent and rises into the air with the image of a dragon devouring the opponent; Sometimes the attack is not completely vertical as when it slightly rotates around its prey.

Rozan Ryūhishō (廬山龍飛翔 Rozan Dragon Soar): An attack similar to Rozan Shōryūha, but in a horizontal forward rather than upward.