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    「十」Tetsuya Sajin

    「Tetsuya Sajin」
    Age: 203
    Physical Age: 28

    Titles: Gundancho of the Onmitsukido's Contingency Response Branch

    Appearance: Sajin stands at 5’9”in (174cm) and weighs 134 lbs (61kg). He has a very slim but well-muscled body. He is a pale person, but not unduly so, and he always appears brooding. He has crimson eyes and choppy, black hair that he cuts himself. He wears a tattered band of red cloth around his forehead.
    He has modified his Shikakusho a great deal, substituting a zubon for the hakama, tied with a black sash, not a white one. Instead of the normal tabi, he wears black combat boots, with reinforced toes for extra kicking power. His kosode are normal except for their lack of sleeves, because of the black, skin-tight Onmitskido bodysuit he wears beneath it. And finally, he sports a long, black haori with slender sleeves. He has a tattoo on the back of either hand in the shape of black flames, which run up the whole of each of his arms.Each acts as the seals for one of his familiars.

    Reiatsu Color: Sajin’s reiatsu is a blazing white-blue.

    Personality: Sajin is reticent and curt. He seems detached and cold, but he does genuinely care about the world. When he speaks, it is because he has decided that his words will have a definitive impact, and he rarely wastes his breath. He has soft spots for a few family members and friends, and he will defend them viciously to the end. He seems to like inaction, but he actually is rather impatient. He is also highly intelligent, and has studied a number of different topics and disciplines to the point where he can simultaneous hold three complex strands of thought at the same time. As a result, he is very cool under pressure and excels in tough situations.

    Battle Style: Sajin prefers to fight while primarily using his Zanpakuto, Zanjutsu, and Shunpo. He sparingly relies on his hands and Kidou, as his inexperience with them is a risk he'd prefer not to take.
    When fighting, he utilizes a number of specialized Zanjutsu techniques. He can easily switch between his left and right hands, and has taught himself to be ambidextrous. However, he has a marked affinity for his right hand over his left.
    Yagi no Mai (柳木の舞, Dance of the Willow Tree): Sajin spins his sword over and over with one hand to allow for a continual onslaught of attacks and easy transferral to defense.This technique focuses on giving the opponent multitudes of wounds, regardless of severity.
    Kokugetsu no Mai (黒月の舞, Dance of the Black Moon): Sajin creates six Shunpo clones, and assaults the enemy from all sides simultaneously, making it very difficult to block.
    Issentou (一閃刀, One Flash Sword): This attack uses swift, sequential sword slashes that are fast enough to appear to only be one move. Sajin can use two-to-five slashes, and the entire technique over and over. However, after fifteen slashes, his sword arm begins to tire moderately. This can be avoided if he uses both arms.

    Character Biography: As is the case with most souls, Sajin knows nothing of his past before his death. When he appeared in Soul Society, he was forced to take up residence in North Rukongai, District 80 - Zaraki. Faced with the lawlessness and routine violence of the region, Sajin showed an intense concentration in battle that earned him the name Zaraki no Akuba (Curse of Zaraki). However, Sajin was different, in that he worked alone and preyed on the scum of Zaraki, becoming a vigilante. By the time he had manifested his fear-mongering, black Zanpakuto, word had spread to the Goteijuusantai of this almost legendary killer. Shinigami were sent to give him an offer of a position, and he accepted, taking up his sword to kill Hollows in addition to the wicked.

    Over time, he ascended through the ranks to become the Third Seat of the Division. He was also awarded the position of Lieutenant of the Onmitsukido's Contingency Response Branch.

    After several decades, his Zanpakuto spirit, Seiryuu, revealed that it was not in fact a true Zanpakuto. It was one of the Four Celestial Beings of legend. This event placed Sajin's mind under tremendous strain and resulted in his temporary insanity. He was remanded to the Maggot's Nest. His hair turned white from the shock of these events. A few years later, he and Ganga Haze, another imprisoned Shinigami, joined forces to escape. The jailers had not removed Sajin's familiars, Baskerville and Selden, from their seals on his body. Using a combination of the two hellfound familiars and the unique gaseous mixture that sustained Ganga's injured body (but acted as a toxin to others), they escaped the Maggot's Nest. Sajin fled to Rukongai, where he was found by a man named Namikaze Minato.

    Special Traits/Abilities: As the Lieutenant of the Onmitsukido's Contingency Response Branch, Sajin can summon two familiars. In Rukongai, Sajin often was alone, and spent a great deal of his time in the company of birds and beasts. Over time, he began to silently enjoy their company, and bonded with some. Entry into the Contingency Threat Response Branch was a natural choice.

    Familiar Command and Control:
    Sajin can wordlessly communicate with his familiars over any distance. They don't speak in words, but rather in a medley of feelings, emotions and images, allowing for incredibly fast messages to be communicated back to Sajin. They are sealed into flame tattoos on either arm.

    Baskerville and Selden

    Baskerville and Selden are two identical black dogs the size of draft horses, with six pairs of eyes each. Their only difference is that Baskerville has red eyes, while Selden's eyes are blue. Around their necks are broken metal collars; in their jaws, strange religious pendants. This seems to seem to suggest that they were once arcane Twelfth Division experiments that failed or escaped. Their fangs and talons are as sharp as blades, and they can move with great speed. They have above average strength and durability in accordance with their size.
    • Kokurei (黒霊, Black Spirit): Baskerville and Selden both have the ability to become black, ghost-like entities. They can choose at will what parts of their body become intangible. They are more vulnerable to energy techniques while in this form. Also, they can only do so while attached to their seals on Sajin's arms.
    • Kagemon (影門, Shadow Gate): Baskerville has the ability to move through shadows in both his physical and Kokurei forms. As long as the shadow exists, he can move through it. But, if he moves through shadows that he couldn't physically fit through, it uses more energy.
    • Zanki (斬鬼, Slashing Demon): Selden has the ability to move his whole body through a fifth dimension, slashing through a target without fear of a counterattack. In order to do this, however, he must first have eaten a piece of the object. If it is a person or creature, that piece must be blood. However, this attack consumes a great deal of his energy and can only be used three times before Selden must be resealed for the rest of the battle.

    Special Objects: Sajin carries a number of additional weapons besides his Zanpakuto.

    • Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife: An infamous commando combat knife with a black finish. Sajin carries two in wrist sheaths, one on each arm.

    • SOG SEAL Team Elite Knife: An US Navy commando combat knife with a black finish. Sajin carries it in a sheath on his right hip.

    • Kunai: A ninja knife with a black finish. Sajin carries six, three strapped to each thigh.

    • Kusarigama: A modernized ninja weapon consisting of a dagger hooked to a heavy ball by a long length of chain. Sajin carries one in his kosode.



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    Zanpakuto's Name: Seiryuu 青竜 (Azure Dragon)

    Sealed Form Appearance: A long, black nodachi with a rubberized rayskin tsuka. The tsuba is a small, silver rectangle, with concave corners and gently convex edges, with a black dragon design on the side facing the habaki. The rayskin saya is also black.

    Zanpakuto Spirit: A huge, blue Chinese lung. Its head is the size of a van, and its eyes an electric, glowing blue. The dragon’s girth at its widest is almost twenty meters, and it measures one hundred meters long. One of its fangs is as long as a small child’s arm. Its scales are smooth to the touch, but harder than granite.


    Inner World: A bleak mountainous world, cast into eternal storm. Above, two moons hang over the world, with lightning bolts framing their curves and flashing over the crags of the world below. Seiryuu lives deep in the roots of the mountain, away from the flashes of lightning and the stormy sky. He hates storms, for they happen when Sajin’s heart is in conflict. When the sky is crystal clear, Sajin is purposeful and just as defined in his actions and goals. When the sky is devoid of clouds or rain or storms, Seiryuu dances in the sky, his roiling coils undulating in the moon light and he revels in his master’s good feeling.

    Zanpakuto Element/Property: Lightning


    Shikai Release Command: The East Wind sends misfortune to the wicked, the Rain Dragon growls in the heavens (東風かえす不幸に邪悪人々蛟竜うなる天に, Toufuu kaesu fukou ni jaaku hitobito, kouryou unaru ten ni)

    Shikai Appearance: A massive, double-edged broadsword, split down the middle, and as long as Sajin is tall. It has a wide ricasso that extends roughly half the blade length, before the blade narrows into a shape similar to the end of a katana’s edge. The two identical halves of the blade are joined by a black bolt with holes in a straight line along it. The hand guard is a large chunk of rectangular metal, with a plain hilt and pommel.


    Shikai Innate Ability: The center bolt in Seiryuu’s blade generates electricity to launch a number of electric energy techniques. This energy spreads to and charges the rest of the sword. Sajin is not harmed by touching the blade, but any technique that has left the blade’s construction can harm him.

    Shikai Passive Abilities

    Unnamed Passive Ability: Seiryuu generates a pathway of spiritual electricity, similar to the Quincy high-speed movement technique Hirenyaku, and moves along it at Sajin’s will. Its top speed is equivalent to a Shunpo level of twenty. Fire, earth, energy, or lightning attacks can disrupt its path, but the blade naturally is charged with electricity and as such will continue after a few moments to replenish its energy.

    Shikai Active Abilities

    Todoroke, Seiryuu (轟け青竜, Roar, Azure Dragon): This is Seiryuu’s primary offensive ability. The bolt in the center concentrates electrical energy between the two blade halves, and then sends it out in a wave or a blast. This ability is relatively strong and can be used fairly quickly in succession. Sajin can also keep the energy within the blade, instead of firing it, for other attacks.

    Kirisaki, Seiryuu (切り裂き青竜, Shred, Azure Dragon): This is Seiryuu’s secondary offensive ability. It takes a while to charge. The bolt in the center concentrates electrical energy between the two blade halves, then sends it out in a barrage of lightning spikes or bullets from the holes in the center. The speed at which the bolts fire is incredibly fast, and the number is around one hundred. It costs a bit more energy than its sister attack.

    Shibare, Seiryuu ( 縛れ青竜, Bind, Azure Dragon): The electrical energy of Seiryuu issues forth from the center bolt and creates a tangible, durable net of energy that restrains a target. It will last as long as Seiryuu is released, or until Sajin ends it. It can be broken by a superior reiatsu. It costs less energy than any of the other abilities when it is created, but over time it can heavily drain Sajin, depending on the amount of resistance the target puts up and how long it remains. Its size is determined by Sajin, and the construction of the net is randomly but densely threaded. If Todoroke's energy is kept within the blade, and the net is stabbed, the net will explode, but concentrated towards the bound thing.

    Mamore, Seiryuu (守れ青竜, Defend, Azure Dragon): Seiryuu’s defensive ability causes electricity to flow from the center bolt and project a large lightning shield in front of the blade. It is shaped like a convex oval from the enemy perspective, and blocks for the whole of Sajin’s body and a bit more. It is very sturdy, but costs a more energy than most Shikai abilities. It can be used quickly, but not in succession. Sajin can leave the shield in place if he wishes, and create multiple others. He can also fire Kirisaki and Todoroke from the shield.


    Bankai Name: Shouyoku Seiryuu (勝翼青竜, Winged Victory Azure Dragon)

    Bankai Spirit: In Bankai, Shouyoku Seiryuu takes the form of a middle-aged man in an exquisite blue robe, versus the aged dragon of Shikai.

    Bankai Appearance: When Shouyoku Seiryuu is released, Sajin’s sword disappears, only to be replaced by a pair of brilliant blue dragon wings that emerge from Sajin’s back, each three meters long and made of dense electricity. They can be used for flight, but they can also curl around him for a tough defensive barrier. His regular Shinigami clothes also disappear and are replaced by a blue-and-white battle outfit similar to Shouyoku Seiryuu's.

    Bankai Passive Abilities

    Ransou Juurin (嵐相従臨, Subjugation of the Storm): Sajin can access the power of electrical charges in the air, clouds, and Earth. Ransou Juurin creates a loop of power where Sajin can feed the natural electricity with his own, thus increasing it, and at the same time, use it for his own attacks. Ransou Juurin has a range of ten kilometers.

    Kouraite (轟雷手, Howling Lightning Hand): Sajin can freely manipulate electricity into techniques of his own making and imagination - including his Shikai techniques – from his hands, feet, back, and head. Sajin’s range of control for Kouraite is also ten kilometers.

    Bankai Active Abilities

    Raikiri (雷切, Lightning Cutter): Sajin can create a lightning javelin, one and a half meters long, of great power. If thrown, it will detonate in a massive explosion. The great energy of that explosion is all compressed into the weapon so that it can be used in melee combat. Since it is composed of electrical energy, if he loses hold of created one, the energy will just flow back to his hand and reform, though it can be disrupted en route.

    Saiga no Raikou (最後の雷斬, Last Thunder Roar): Sajin’s most powerful attack has two stages. Depending on how they are completed, the attack’s damage will be spread differently. It depends on the Raikiri, however, for execution. The first stage is the Yousei (妖精, Sprite). A sprite is a type of lightning formation that occurs at high altitudes: a halo of lightning, with wide tendrils of electricity hanging down from the center. If Sajin draws blood from the enemy, he can create the Yousei by calling out the name of the formation. This will electrocute the blood, and send it up into the atmosphere to grow over time. If the target is not a bleeding creature, then he just needs to cut it. Obviously, he needs open air to do this safely; forming it in a confined space would ensure great problems. It will remain intact unless Sajin ends it, or an enemy destroys it: however, only an incredibly powerful attack could do so, because of its five kilometer radius. While it is intact, however, it will be a rather large drain on Sajin’s power if he leaves it unused for too long. After the Yousei, Sajin has two choices: he can either attack immediately, or ensure a hit. The second stage of Saiga no Raikou is the eponymous attack itself. It is a large, one hundred meter wide ball of lightning that reaches a temperature of one thousand degrees Celsius. Charged in the womb of the Yousei, it will be spat out to engulf the target when Sajin wills it. At this point, Sajin’s past actions will come into play. The Saiga no Raikou can be escaped or avoided by those of elite speed if no blood from the enemy was drawn besides that for the Yousei. However, if, in the time between the Yousei’s formation and the firing of the Saiga no Raikou, Sajin was able to draw, and electrocute, blood from his opponent’s hands, wrists, back, feet, or head, the Saiga no Raikou will be a sure hit. Instead of being fired from the Yousei, it will instead form around the enemy, leaving almost no escape. When the Saiga no Raikou swallows the opponent, it will collapse in an explosion of five hundred million volts. At that moment, the air will be heated to super-heated to ten million degrees Celsius, turning the nearby and internal atmosphere into immolating plasma. Because of its immense power, Sajin can only create three of these attacks per release of his Bankai, maximum. If he attempts more than that, it will result in the immediate deactivation of his Bankai because of life-threatening reiryoku drainage.
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